Synonyms for Blot:


aspirate, bleed, draw off, dry off, express. jet, trickle, leak, splash, smutch, spatter, river, drop, marks, condensation, moisture, sip. delete, cancel, vacate, obliterate, undo, expunge, efface, continue, erase. act (noun)
smirch, smear, stain, spot.
attribute (noun)
slur, smirch, smear, smudge, spot, daub.
blemish (noun)
deformity, defacement, wart, imperfection, scab, spoilage, discoloration, blotch, disfigurement, impurity, brand, stigma, sore, drawback, eyesore, abrasion, fault, rift, weal, distortion, lesion.
blob (noun)
blot (noun)
fleck, blob, stain, smudge, spot, smirch, slur, daub, smear.
blot out (noun)
delete, erase, efface, expunge, obliterate, cancel.
mark; flaw (noun)
taint, smear, discoloration, fault, blemish, onus, slur, spot, defect, brand, stain, stigma, speck, smudge, blotch, black eye.
shame (noun)
smutch (noun)


blemish (verb)
defect, distort, spoil, nick, scar, hack, damage, taint, fracture, disfigure, check, freckle, kink, stain, deface, mar, score, scrape, abrade, slit, scratch, dot, scuff, spot, hurt, speck, splotch, mark, pockmark, blemish, deform, gash, chip, flaw, tarnish, fleck, discolor, blister, notch.
disgrace, disfigure (verb)
mark, discolor, tarnish, spoil.
dry (verb)
desiccate, swab, wither, empty, catheterize, suck dry, dry, wipe, parch, stanch, dehumidify, dehydrate, vaporize, wring out, evaporate, pump out, mop, drain.
soak up (verb)

Other synonyms:

attaint, draw off. black eye, aspirate, onus, bleed. undo, cancel, erase. obliterate, vacate. express. blemish
Other relevant words:
blob, aspirate, bleed, delete, cancel, undo, slur, attaint, erase, vacate, daub, smear, smutch, onus, smudge, expunge, obliterate, spatter, black eye, smirch, splash, express, efface.

Usage examples for blot

  1. Inarticulate words seemed to blot the foggy air, as if written on wet paper. – Hyperion by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  2. If we blot them out of our existence, we sink back to a mere natural or mechanical stage. – An Interpretation of Rudolf Eucken's Philosophy by W. Tudor Jones