Synonyms for Absurdity:


hoot, howl, joke, laugh, riot, laughter, panic, scream, gas. imbecility, lunacy, insanity, tomfoolery, madness, zaniness, ability, foolery. absurdity (noun)
fatuity, folly, idiocy, ridiculousness, craziness, balderdash, inanity, farce, impossibility, ludicrousness, irrationality, preposterousness, Self-contradiction, meaninglessness, eccentricity, foolishness, fatuousness, invalidity, nonsense, absurdness, paradox, inconsistency, baloney, incongruity, contradiction, silliness, outlandishness, anachronism, implausibility, bizarreness.
communication (noun)
absurdness, ridiculousness.
foolishness (noun)
brainlessness, stupidity, buffoonery, goofiness, dottiness, Asininity.
impossibility (noun)
impracticability, unattainability, inconceivability.
insanity (noun)
ridiculousness (noun)
grotesqueness, nonsensicality, incredibility, ridiculousness, outrageousness, weirdness, curiosity, dubiousness.
ridiculous situation or behavior (noun)
idiocy, ridiculousness, farce, craziness, ludicrousness, folly, irrationality, senselessness, incongruity, foolishness, silliness, stupidity, inanity, insanity.
unmeaningness (noun)
double talk, hogwash, babble, cipher, jabber, gobbledygook, blather, drivel, unmeaningness, noise, senselessness.

Other synonyms:

foolery, zaniness, tomfoolery. riot, madness, lunacy, hoot. gas, insanity. joke, panic. folly
Other relevant words:
hoot, fatuity, howl, riot, gas, fatuousness, laugh, lunacy, insanity, tomfoolery, zaniness, panic, foolery, absurdness, imbecility, scream, madness, joke.

Usage examples for absurdity

  1. Which was, of course, an exaggerated absurdity – Half Portions by Edna Ferber
  2. You will point out to her all she would be giving up- the absurdity the really criminal waste of it! – Lady Merton, Colonist by Mrs. Humphry Ward