Synonyms for Jet:


black (adjective)
pitchy, ebony, obsidian, sable, raven, dark, onyx, inky, ebon.


airfare, accompanied baggage, baggage storage, air mile, baggage check, aerial, airline, AIRLINK, air rage, baggage allowance. Air Force One, airship, balloon, travel, fly, aeroplane, zoom, b-52, aircraft. pitch black, baguette, agate, beryl, diamond, colors, ebony, inky, aquamarine, ebon, carbuncle, sable, onyx, crystal, jetty, garnet, black, amethyst, emerald. trickle, leak, river, spatter, sip, condensation, splash, moisture, drop. airplane (noun)
helicopter, dive bomber, airplane, cargo plane, glider, jet fighter, monoplane, hydroplane, airliner, bomber, fighter, airbus, biplane.
artifact (noun)
jet-propelled plane, jet plane.
ebony (noun)
black, dark, raven, obsidian.
furnace (noun)
warmer, hearth, smelter, potbellied stove, infrared lamp, steam heater, kiln, fireplace, induction heater, solar heater, radiator, sun lamp, burner, Franklin stove, blast furnace, coal stove, heater, water heater, register, furnace, oven, firebox, Bunsen Burner, coke oven.
jet (noun)
spirt, jet black, gush, squirt, jet-propelled plane, spurt, sooty, jet plane, fountain, coal black, pitchy, achromatic.
jet plane (noun)
jet plane.
rush, gush of substance (noun)
squirt, stream, flow, fountain, spurt.
stream (noun)
wave, flow, stream, water, tidal wave, cataract, waterfall, high tide, flood.
vehicle propelled by ejection of pressurized gas or liquid (noun)
airplane, airbus.


contact (verb)
spurt, gush (verb)
fly, pour, zoom, travel.
stream (verb)
pour, gush.

Other synonyms:

onyx, pitch black, black, ebon, moisture. river, trickle, sable, ebony, inky, condensation, jetty. splash. drop. coal-black
coal black.
jet black.
Other relevant words:
dark, jetty, pitchy, travel, sable, inky, splash, jet plane, drop, raven, fly, sooty, condensation, river, ebon, jet-propelled plane, spirt, obsidian, spurt, airline, achromatic, aircraft, trickle, zoom, leak, ebony, aeroplane, squirt, onyx, balloon, fountain, black, pitch black.

Usage examples for jet

  1. There was a jet black boy, whom we selected for a special trial. – The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus by American Anti-Slavery Society
  2. He glanced at her curiously; at the stately dress gleaming with jet which no longer affected anything of the girl; at the fine but old- fashioned necklace of pearls and diamonds- no doubt her mother's- which clasped her singularly slender throat. – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward