Synonyms for Dog:


cur, reproach, find fault with, blame, criticize, denigrate, puppy, put down, pup, remonstrate, mongrel, stray, whelp, rebuke, deride, reprimand. boar, Billy Goat, buck, rascal, scamp, bull, alpha male, cockerel, boy, bullock. horror, difficulty, public enemy number one, trouble, public nuisance, know-all, loudmouth, bad luck, yob, (the) scum of the earth, hard life, poverty. disadvantage, throttle, hold back, let down, precede, burden, shadow, embarrass, plague, bird dog, inhibit, bring up against, count against. beefsteak, brisket, corn dog, chump, cut, chuck, chop, chuck steak, cutlet. nark, snitch, informer, grass, bigmouth, stool pigeon, informant, sneak. Fido, man's best friend, rover. character, individual, variety, original, product, mixture, Jekyll And Hyde, type, species. parody, reject, trash, dross, a pathetic/poor/sad excuse for something, rubbish, an apology for something. nerd, troll, hag, dag, minger, ugly duckling, grotesque, sight. follow around, stick to. andiron (noun)
animal (noun)
domestic dog, Canis Familiaris.
canine mammal (noun)
pup, stray, mongrel, cur, man's best friend, Fido, hound, puppy.
dog (noun)
setter, English Setter, andiron, French poodle, German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, afghan, chihuahua, dalmatian, beagle, bloodhound, basset hound, scotch terrier, Irish Setter, foxhound, chase, pekinese, griffon, frump, chase after, dingo, tag, pawl, heel, sheep dog, golden retriever, bounder, Canis Familiaris, cad, schnauzer, pug, Irish Wolfhound, pointer, Labrador Retriever, spitz, Doberman Pinscher, detent, cocker spaniel, retriever, husky, Aberdeen terrier, chow, tail, pomeranian, airedale, bulldog, blackguard, track, collie, toy poodle, go after, wolfhound, bull terrier, trail, borzoi, welsh terrier, mastiff, Great Dane, whippet, samoyed, dogiron, domestic dog, click, boarhound, spaniel, cairn terrier, boxer, dachshund, poodle, hound, firedog, greyhound, Siberian wolfhound, terrier.
mammal (noun)
cavy, bear, squirrel, yak, chipmunk, ermine, hippopotamus, Lynx, possum, cat, stag, kangaroo, sable, raccoon, gnu, camelopard, llama, wallaby, gazelle, hyena, swine, ocelot, beaver, cheetah, reindeer, weasel, ferret, hare, cougar, buffalo, sheep, marmot, fox, jackal, mongoose, panda, coyote, otter, koala, wombat, caribou, lion, mouse, deer, hamster, wolf, mule, antelope, stoat, ibex, arctic fox, cow, platypus, porcupine, burro, sloth, goat, elk, gopher, skunk, rat, leopard, chinchilla, puma, hog, hedgehog, bison, echidna, moose, shrew, opossum, bobcat, horse, rabbit, zebra, pig, elephant, jaguar, tiger, giraffe, dromedary, lemming, mole, camel, ox, polecat, rhinoceros, panther, donkey, alpaca, mink.
whelp (noun)


chase after; bother (verb)
tag, track, shadow, plague, trouble, trail, pursue, tail.
pursue (verb)
strive, tail, undertake, follow, search, endeavor, aim, aspire, seek, track, chase, trail, pursue, hunt, intend, harry, stalk, sleuth, quest.

Other synonyms:

buck, species, Jekyll And Hyde, informer, alpha male, informant, bigmouth, Fido, follow around, ugly duckling, hag, stool pigeon, bull, dross, boar, bullock, Billy Goat. sneak. dag, grotesque, parody, boy, rover, mixture, snitch. original, type, individual. product, reject, shadow, grass. trash, variety, stick to. character. sight. accompany
stick to.
tag, go after.
bird dog.
Other relevant words:
burden, deride, snitch, criticize, embarrass, cad, dag, informer, rover, informant, boy, hag, sneak, dross, domestic dog, firedog, horror, click, blame, bird dog, detent, cutlet, cur, individual, throttle, original, rebuke, scamp, inhibit, difficulty, dogiron, beefsteak, andiron, mixture, heel, minger, brisket, reprimand, troll, mongrel, disadvantage, trouble, rubbish, buck, grass, sight, precede, poverty, pawl, nark, nerd, pup, remonstrate, frump, Billy Goat, cockerel, species, Canis Familiaris, bigmouth, cut, chuck, type, blackguard, reject, puppy, know-all, bull, parody, trash, denigrate, chase after, stray, grotesque, shadow, bullock, plague, man's best friend, Fido, boar, variety, product, go after, whelp, chop, reproach, rascal, bounder, ugly duckling, yob, tag, character, loudmouth, chump.

Usage examples for dog

  1. " How bad luck seems to dog the steps of some people. – The Squire's Daughter by Silas K(itto) Hocking
  2. We want our dog – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue by Laura Lee Hope
  3. " A dog you say, sir," cried Bindle, " why didn't you say so before? – Adventures of Bindle by Herbert George Jenkins