Synonyms for Hideous:


all (adjective)
horrific, repulsive, outrageous, horrid.
awful (adjective)
awful, unpleasant, alarming, appalling, dreadful, repulsive, horrible, dire, frightful, ghastly, horrid, terrible.
evil (adjective)
evil, calamitous, sinful, atrocious, terrible, damnable, offensive, destructive, repugnant, heinous, bad, repulsive, disgraceful, revolting, monstrous, repellent, foul, baneful, detrimental, nefarious, abominable, sinister, wicked, reprehensible, loathsome.
grisly (adjective)
grotesque, horrible (adjective)
gruesome, dreadful, repugnant, appalling, revolting, frightful, odious, ghastly, ugly, horrid, awful, unsightly, grisly, repellent, macabre, terrible, hateful, disgusting, grim, monstrous, abominable, repulsive, sickening, offensive, loathsome.
hateful (adjective)
offensive (adjective)
frightful, offensive, horrid.
ugly (adjective)
plain, odious, repulsive, unaesthetic, ugly, shapeless, disfigured, Ill-looking, unlovely, undesirable, unappealing, abhorrent, repugnant, unattractive, inelegant, repellent, grotesque, unpleasing, unpleasant, unsightly, homely, displeasing, disagreeable.


disgusting, vile, grisly, despicable, sickening. gruesome, macabre, lurid, grim. hideous (noun)
offensive, outrageous, horrid, horrific, repulsive, ugly.
shocking (noun)

Other synonyms:

gruesome, lurid, ill-favored, grisly. macabre. grim. Other relevant words:
gruesome, outrageous, grisly, lurid, macabre, hateful, vile, ill-favored, sickening, grim, horrific, despicable, disgusting.

Usage examples for hideous

  1. Its stern silence and solitude made it a hideous desert. – An Antarctic Mystery by Jules Verne
  2. No, no, it's a cruel, hideous jest! – Writing for Vaudeville by Brett Page
  3. To die quickly and suddenly, in all the activity of life, in comparative tranquillity, with none of the hideous apparatus of the sick- room about one, with no dreary waiting for death, that is a great joy. – The Upton Letters by Arthur Christopher Benson