Synonyms for Shameless:


all (adjective)
blatant (adjective)
garish, Flaunting, glaring, flashy, showy, ostentatious, gaudy, snazzy.
brassy (adjective)
brazen (adjective)
depraved (adjective)
degraded, base, low.
disgusting (adjective)
revolting, scandalous, vulgar, offensive.
flagrant (adjective)
ostentatious (adjective)
flagrant, boastful, dramatic, opulent, snazzy, forced, fussy, grandiose, splashy, exhibitionistic, stilted, flourishing, flamboyant, rakish, garish, gaudy, affected, jaunty, pompous, histrionic, ornate, vain, grandiloquent, blatant, showy, dashing, flashy, Flaunting, formal, ostentatious, sensational.
shameless (adjective)
brazen, unashamed, forward, rude, flagrant, unblushing, high-handed, bold, depraved, lewd, barefaced, brassy, unabashed.
vulgar (adjective)
glaring, colloquial, ill-bred, cockney, coarse, broad, unbecoming, brazen, indelicate, garish, tasteless, clumsy, crude, obscene, gaudy, vulgar, low, homespun, inelegant, base, cheap, coarse-grained, barnyard, in bad taste, philistine, ignominious, idiomatic, unrefined, profane, unseemly, offensive, depraved, chintzy, crass, tactless, barbaric, raw, repulsive, revolting, brutish, outlandish, tawdry, degraded, unpolished, earthy, boorish, gross, rough, sleazy, scandalous, graceless, common, rude, sordid, undignified, ignoble, rank, animal, salty.


uninhibited. heartless, courtesy, thoughtless, Brazenfaced, brassy, right, respect, inconsiderate, unabashed, heavy-handed, insensible, impersonal, barefaced, Bald-faced, high-handed, undiplomatic, insensitive. brazen (noun)
forward, bold, lewd.
shameless (noun)
unashamed, unblushing.

Other synonyms:

inconsiderate, heartless, undiplomatic, Bald-faced, thoughtless, unabashed, high-handed, uninhibited, Brazenfaced, lewd. heavy-handed, impersonal. brassy, insensitive. insensible. impudent
Other relevant words:
heartless, respect, brassy, impersonal, high-handed, unabashed, forward, thoughtless, insensitive, heavy-handed, unblushing, uninhibited, insensible, inconsiderate, barefaced, unashamed, lewd, right, undiplomatic, Brazenfaced, Bald-faced, courtesy, bold.

Usage examples for shameless

  1. She was a shameless creature, who eight or ten years before eloped with a man a great deal younger than herself. – Ethelyn's Mistake by Mary Jane Holmes
  2. " The answer is shameless said the shrill Elder. – The Weavers, Complete by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009
  3. I had never before known this shameless this cruel one within me. – The Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore