Synonyms for Tragic:


adverse (adjective)
grievous, inauspicious, detrimental, calamitous, catastrophic, opposing, hard, adverse, burdensome, troublesome, perilous, antipathetic, unpropitious, unfortunate, woeful, disastrous, untoward, unfavorable, unlucky, miserable, difficult, distressful, unfriendly.
all (adjective)
catastrophic, very bad (adjective)
grievous, destructive, fatal, sad, unhappy, woeful, dreadful, adverse, appalling, hapless, ill-fated, pitiful, harrowing, miserable, crushing, lamentable, deathly, heart-rending, painful, grim, terrible, fateful, dire, unfortunate, calamitous, deadly, ruinous, ill-starred, disastrous, shocking, heartbreaking.
destructive (adjective)
disappointing (adjective)
dramatic (adjective)
melodramatic, artistic, comical, improvisational, panoramic, pantomimed, mimed, dramatic, Theatric, burlesque.


epic, abridged, biographical, filmic, fictional, gory, folklore, classic, fictitious, autobiographical. depressing, upsetting, dismal. catastrophic (noun)
fateful, grim, crushing, dire, ill-fated, awe-inspiring, harrowing, dreadful, ruinous, Desolating, deadly, deathly, fatal, unhappy, heart-rending, shocking, destructive, heartbreaking, hapless, appalling, pitiful, terrible, baleful, lamentable, painful, ill-starred.
tragic (noun)
tragical, sad.

Other synonyms:

upsetting, unhappy, depressing, grim. dismal, pitiful, painful. terrible. cheerless
Other relevant words:
autobiographical, deathly, epic, shocking, biographical, pitiful, harrowing, sad, fictitious, lamentable, hapless, ill-starred, heart-rending, terrible, destructive, dire, depressing, dreadful, ill-fated, deadly, awe-inspiring, upsetting, folklore, Desolating, grim, crushing, tragical, unhappy, classic, abridged, appalling, heartbreaking, fictional, filmic, painful, ruinous, dismal, gory, baleful, fatal, fateful.

Usage examples for tragic

  1. And our tragic poets? – The Eleven Comedies by Aristophanes et al
  2. But nothing so tragic so horrible as this, had ever occurred to him! – Berenice by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. She didn't know she was a tragic figure- if you could call her a figure! – The Brightener by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson