Synonyms for Degenerate:


corrupt, deteriorated (adjective)
decayed, depraved, worsen, dissolute, immoral, debased, base, rotten, degraded, miscreant, retrograde, unhealthy, retrogressive, perverted, wicked, debauched, villainous.
deteriorated (adjective)
corrupt, Deteriorated, downgraded, atrophied, dilapidated, decayed, putrefied, retrogressed, Declined.
wicked (adjective)
depraved, bad, iniquitous, wicked, base, Misdoing, sadistic, sinister, wrongdoing, immoral, shocking, debauched, damnable, amoral, villainous, obnoxious, sinful, perverse, lawbreaking, scandalous, corrupt, debased, felonious, improper, blameworthy, black, reprehensible, criminal, evildoing, indecent.


gross, unethical, amoral, sordid. depravity, descend, better, wrong, villainy, immorality, retrograde, iniquity, excess, enormity, sin, decadence, evil. bad person (noun)
heel, knave, hog, blackguard, rapscallion, rascal, pervert, malingerer, lecher, reprobate, traitor, bad guy, shyster, scoundrel, rogue, criminal, jezebel, scamp, pig, swine, slob, slattern, miscreant, backslider, villain.
degenerate (noun)
deteriorate, debauched, profligate, deviate, pervert, immoral, degraded, deviant, drop, libertine, fast, dissipated, riotous, dissolute.
depraved (noun)
person (noun)
deviate, pervert, deviant.
pervert (noun)
maniac, psychopath, deviant, pedophile.
worse (noun)
impoverished, worst, for the worse, extraordinary, pale, inferior, retrogressive, worst of all, worse.


body (verb)
drop, deteriorate.
decay, deteriorate (verb)
descend, sink, regress, revert, disintegrate, decline, retrogress, go downhill, corrupt, rot, slip, lapse.
deteriorate (verb)
sink, slump, ebb, fall apart, fade, retrogress, slide, moulder, go downhill, dilapidate, regress, collapse, revert, decline, worsen, slip, lapse, atrophy, wilt, relapse, downgrade, tergiversate, wither, deteriorate, wane, get worse.
disintegrate (verb)
anatomize, break, fracture, decay, rupture, dissolve, shatter, putrefy, rot, turn, disintegrate, spoil, decompose, dissect, crumble, mortify.

Other synonyms:

descend into, flagitious. descend. languish, slip into, fizzle, weaken. unhealthy, retrograde. deepen. rotten. waste. fail. go down. condescend
inferior, pale, worse, retrogressive, impoverished, worst.
Other relevant words:
deviate, inferior, libertine, evil, fail, deepen, retrograde, dissipated, decadence, worse, languish, degraded, gross, pale, go down, dissolute, fast, profligate, perverted, better, weaken, drop, unethical, rotten, retrogressive, descend, waste, amoral, wrong, sordid, flagitious, unhealthy, riotous, fizzle, flag.

Usage examples for degenerate

  1. And degenerate men seem instinctively to make their selection from this kind of women, so that they multiply and produce indeterminate sexes to whom life is a torture. – Plays by August Strindberg, Second series by August Strindberg
  2. Because it is not too late yet for him to put his young self to rights, and if he were to be let alone, he would soon degenerate in the most deplorable manner. – Bijou by Gyp