Synonyms for Repulsive:


awful (adjective)
dreadful, ghastly, alarming, horrid, hideous, horrible, terrible, frightful, appalling, unpleasant, dire, awful.
bad (adjective)
despicable (adjective)
despicable, low, loathsome, contemptible, repellent, vile, offensive, reprehensible, revolting, mean.
disagreeable (adjective)
offensive, distasteful, nasty, unpleasant, unpalatable, obnoxious, bothersome, disgusting, disagreeable.
evil (adjective)
calamitous, hideous, heinous, abominable, damnable, detrimental, wicked, repugnant, nefarious, baneful, sinister, loathsome, evil, destructive, atrocious, disgraceful, repellent, terrible, reprehensible, monstrous, revolting, foul, bad, sinful, offensive.
hateful (adjective)
despising, loathing, Detesting, malicious, loathsome, abhorrent, hateful.
offensive (adjective)
atrocious, offensive.
repulsive (adjective)
Rejecting, repelling, Rebuffing, Spurning, Snubbing.
resistant (adjective)
resistant, oppositional, repellent.
revolting (adjective)
ugly (adjective)
repellent, unappealing, disagreeable, homely, repugnant, unlovely, disfigured, unaesthetic, shapeless, grotesque, unpleasant, inelegant, abhorrent, unpleasing, unattractive, displeasing, unsightly, odious, undesirable, hideous, plain, ugly, Ill-looking.
unhealthy (adjective)
very disgusting, offensive (adjective)
unpleasant, abominable, odious, forbidding, loathsome, hideous, distasteful, horrid, nasty, unsightly, vile, animal, sickening, sleazy, pugnacious, revolting, obnoxious, nauseating, undesirable, gross, hateful, ugly, disagreeable, abhorrent, foul, repellent.
vulgar (adjective)
boorish, graceless, animal, tactless, glaring, offensive, idiomatic, salty, broad, revolting, unseemly, undignified, gaudy, inelegant, common, ignominious, earthy, indelicate, tawdry, sleazy, barnyard, unpolished, crude, chintzy, cheap, rough, scandalous, philistine, brutish, gross, homespun, in bad taste, obscene, profane, base, crass, depraved, unrefined, brazen, vulgar, barbaric, sordid, outlandish, rank, raw, clumsy, ignoble, colloquial, ill-bred, cockney, coarse, coarse-grained, unbecoming, garish, tasteless, low, shameless, rude, degraded.


beastly (adverb)


beastly (adverb)


attraction, capillary action, calorific, amplitude, centripetal force, bonding, centrifugal force, absorbance, air resistance, balance. combative, pugnacious, opposing, aggressive, unyielding, insurgent, stubborn, yielding, Retaliating, defensive. pain, like, nauseating, unwholesome, sickening. disgusting (noun)
repulsive (noun)
detestable, obscene, repugnant, offensive, ugly, abhorrent, hideous.


sickening (verb)

Other synonyms:

sickening. unwholesome. Other relevant words:
forbidding, pain, abominable, bonding, insurgent, stubborn, aggressive, opposing, like, attraction, unwholesome, calorific, absorbance, unyielding, pugnacious, amplitude, yielding, combative, sickening, balance, detestable, nauseating, Retaliating.

Usage examples for repulsive

  1. They at once came towards me, their blackened faces and untidy dress causing them to appear absolutely repulsive – In the Yellow Sea by Henry Frith
  2. The hideous paint which was smeared over his repulsive face, was more elaborate than in the case of the two from whom the youth effected such a narrow escape. – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis
  3. Subject and Treatment It is often said that treatment is more important than subject, but no treatment can make a repulsive subject not repulsive – The Note-Books of Samuel Butler by Samuel Butler