Synonyms for Scruffy:


all (adjective)
mean (adjective)
poor (adjective)
penniless, down-and-out, have-not, hand-to-mouth, busted, beggarly, bankrupt, pauper, distressed, homeless, destitute, poverty-stricken, squalid, dilapidated, shabby, impoverished, penurious, poor, embarrassed, bereft.
rough, bedraggled (adjective)
ragged, seedy, tattered, slovenly, threadbare, tacky, untidy, shabby, mangy, frowzy.
scrubby (adjective)
all the worse for wear.
unclean (adjective)
murky, fetid, offensive, grimy, grubby, mucky, squalid, filthy, muddy, odious, icky, shabby, grungy, unsanitary, sordid, infectious, crummy, foul, insalubrious, slovenly, dirty, dusty, toxic, festering, septic, unhygenic, defiled, putrid, impure, obscene, disgusting, scatological, untidy, dingy, unclean, sloppy, smutty.


dy, better, ratty, Decaying, faded, scrubby, mangy, shoddy, decrepit, tacky, down-at-heel, tatty, tattered, ragged, bedraggled, raggedy, frowzy, windblown, all the worse for wear, windswept, broken-down, threadbare, disheveled, rundown. scruffy (noun)
seedy, worn.

Other synonyms:

raggedy, ratty, tatty, frowzy, down-at-heel, disheveled. windblown, mangy, bedraggled, faded, tattered, windswept, scrubby, Decaying. decrepit, shoddy. ragged, rundown. threadbare. broken-down. Other relevant words:
windblown, Decaying, bedraggled, raggedy, ragged, all the worse for wear, rundown, seedy, faded, shoddy, broken-down, disheveled, tattered, decrepit, tacky, dy, better, tatty, worn, down-at-heel, scrubby, threadbare, mangy, frowzy, ratty, windswept.