Synonyms for Gaudy:


bright and vulgar (adjective)
garish, crude, tawdry, showy, meretricious, brilliant, glaring, jazzy, gross, blatant, tasteless, brazen, florid, splashy, flashy, ostentatious, loud, chintzy, coarse, tinsel, Flaunting, snazzy.
colorful (adjective)
intense, florid, full-colored, tinted, spectral, colored, lurid, rich, painted, brilliant, bright-hued, chromatic, inky, High-colored, hued, stained, shaded, colorful, dyed, rainbow-like, garish, vivid.
ornamental (adjective)
Adorning, pretty, decorative, picturesque, fancy, gingerbread, Enriching, crowning, Garnishing, Dandifying, quaint, ornamental.
ostentatious (adjective)
fussy, rakish, garish, grandiloquent, flamboyant, flashy, dramatic, opulent, sensational, showy, ornate, Flaunting, pompous, ostentatious, flagrant, histrionic, boastful, formal, flourishing, splashy, affected, snazzy, grandiose, vain, jaunty, stilted, dashing, exhibitionistic, blatant, forced, shameless.
vulgar (adjective)
gross, crude, offensive, tactless, ignominious, ill-bred, sordid, philistine, salty, unbecoming, inelegant, graceless, homespun, scandalous, repulsive, tawdry, degraded, earthy, glaring, unpolished, vulgar, colloquial, coarse, chintzy, coarse-grained, brutish, cheap, depraved, unseemly, outlandish, rank, cockney, ignoble, brazen, common, base, unrefined, rude, revolting, low, boorish, sleazy, broad, crass, indelicate, raw, animal, in bad taste, rough, clumsy, barnyard, tasteless, garish, profane, idiomatic, shameless, obscene, undignified, barbaric.


brash. brummagem, style, tinsel. gaudy (noun)
in poor taste, flashy, trashy, jazzy, loud, cheap, tacky, sporty, tasteless, tatty, gimcrack, brassy, tawdry, showy, flash, colorful, garish, meretricious.

Other synonyms:

brummagem. brash. tawdry

Usage examples for gaudy

  1. One is reminded of the gaudy birds of the tropics. – The Story of Malta by Maturin M. Ballou
  2. Instead, the wearer of the gaudy coat sat up suddenly and said, with a radiant smile: Well, did you ever! – The Honorable Percival by Alice Hegan Rice
  3. Neat but not gaudy eh? – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart