Synonyms for Distressed:


all (adjective)
hard put, hard-pressed, in a bad way.
bad (adjective)
unhappy, gloomy.
depressed (adjective)
grief-stricken (adjective)
pained (adjective)
poor (adjective)
pauper, bereft, have-not, bankrupt, homeless, shabby, destitute, busted, embarrassed, beggarly, down-and-out, poor, impoverished, hand-to-mouth, scruffy, penurious, squalid, dilapidated, penniless, poverty-stricken.
upset (adjective)
tormented, concerned, anxious, troubled, afflicted, worried, agitated.
worried (adjective)


uncomfortable, stiff, anxious, agitated, agonised, unsettled, nervous, uneasy, footsore, concerned, sore, saddle sore, solicitous, feelings. Beleaguered, oppressed, stuck, pressed, deadlocked, worse off, in deep trouble, up against something, embroiled, out of your depth. sad, bleak, sorrowful, miserable, wistful, melancholy, gloomy, homesick, subdued. diaphanous, brushed, fibrous, crisp, Breathable, creased, cellular, colorfast, filmy. distressed (noun)
disquieted, in a bad way, hard-pressed, upset, hard put, troubled, in trouble, stressed, unhappy, worried, disturbed, dysphoric.


pained (verb)
tortured, anguished, stitched, afflicted, stung, Wrenched, cramped, chafed, irritated, agonized, inflamed, Racked, tormented, pained, Throbbed, Discomforted, Suffered, hurt, Ached, Smarted.
punished (verb)
tried, chastised, punished, Sentenced, Keelhauled, executed, Castigated, Pilloried, Incarcerated, lambasted, disciplined, fined, imprisoned, chastened, persecuted, corrected, reprised, Judged, confined, Crucified, avenged, penalized, burdened.

Other synonyms:

agonised, fibrous, diaphanous, uncomfortable, creased, miserable, filmy, footsore, sad, saddle sore, brushed, colorfast. solicitous, nervous, concerned, uneasy, agitated, Breathable, anxious. unsettled, cellular. crisp. Other relevant words:
nervous, hard-pressed, sorrowful, brushed, stiff, filmy, colorfast, in a bad way, melancholy, agitated, troubled, Breathable, agonised, worried, stuck, sore, stressed, crisp, hard put, solicitous, unsettled, oppressed, embroiled, cellular, Beleaguered, miserable, creased, pressed, deadlocked, upset, unhappy, bleak, wistful, anxious, disquieted, footsore, feelings, uneasy, uncomfortable, gloomy, disturbed, dysphoric, diaphanous, sad, in trouble, concerned, fibrous, subdued, homesick.

Usage examples for distressed

  1. Of course Lady Bird was much distressed – Nine Little Goslings by Susan Coolidge
  2. I know I was distressed and troubled about Mr. Penreath's presence at the inn, and I was afraid he would be cross and angry with me for not having told him the truth about myself. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees
  3. I am not distressed a bit. – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell