Synonyms for Dusty:


dirty (adjective)
mucky, unclean, slovenly, unhygienic.
unclean (adjective)
unsanitary, foul, sloppy, festering, septic, dirty, toxic, grubby, unclean, smutty, icky, filthy, slovenly, disgusting, muddy, insalubrious, sordid, putrid, mucky, grungy, dingy, impure, odious, fetid, shabby, scruffy, crummy, grimy, obscene, offensive, infectious, murky, squalid, unhygenic, untidy, defiled, scatological.


dusty (noun)
dirty, soiled, dust-covered, unclean.


dirty (verb)
messy, contaminated, unhygienic.

Other synonyms:

sun-baked, Pulverous, Pulverulent, treeless, parched. lifeless, deserted. wild. fine.

Usage examples for dusty

  1. It was a hot and dusty journey, and a sober one. – The Valley of Vision by Henry Van Dyke