Synonyms for Mealy:


granular (adjective)
powdery (adjective)
floury, dusty, sandy, gritty, friable, farinaceous, powdery, grainy, chalky, crumbly.


chewy, chilled, cream, caramelized, crisp, calorific, crispy, buttery, cool. fruit, glace, overripe, seasonal, pitted, fleshy, ripe, candied, green. mealy (noun)
grainy, gritty, coarse, granular, sandy, granulose, farinaceous, coarse-grained.

Other synonyms:

glace, candied. pitted, overripe. seasonal, ripe. fruit. green.

Usage examples for mealy

  1. It's right enough to be speritial- I'm no enemy to that; but I like my potatoes mealy – Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot
  2. At home sixpence was sixpence, and would buy seven pounds of fine mealy potatoes; but here sixpence was nothing- certainly it was not more than a halfpenny. – The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories by Arnold Bennett