Synonyms for Energizing:


activating (adjective)
bracing, invigorating, renewing, reinvigorating, Exhilarant, restorative, stimulating, exhilarating, refreshing, activation, refreshful, brisk.
exciting (adjective)


restorative, Innerving, reinvigorating, renewing, intoxicating, Roborant, help, Exhilarant. energizing (noun)
dynamical, bracing, activating, invigorating, energising, brisk, dynamic, refreshing, refreshful, fresh, activation, tonic, kinetic.


empowering (verb)
Enforcing, Authorizing, commanding.
energizing (verb)
driving, reviving, Empowering, sparking, recharging, Forcing, powering, invigorating, Charging, activating, rousing, firing.
exciting (verb)
electrifying, inflaming, disquieting, Arousing, exhilarating, disturbing, stimulating.
invigorating (verb)
enlivening, agitating, enthusing, exciting, strengthening, animating.
motivating (verb)
hurtling, Nudging, Ramming, launching, inspiring, striking, poking, jolting, propelling, triggering, Instigating, slinging, Shoving, pushing, jogging, Bumping, thrusting, provoking, Fomenting, prodding, heaving, enticing, goading, knocking, moving, impelling, hastening, Magnetizing, Punching, urging, jerking, prompting, inducing, hurling, Throwing, Flinging, jostling, fermenting, pitching, encouraging, Lobbing, motivating, shooting, catapulting.
strengthening (verb)
supporting, tempering, hardening, Propping, fortifying, reinforcing, bracing, buttressing, Toughening, Vivifying, beefing up.

Other synonyms:

Exhilarant, intoxicating, reinvigorating, Innerving, Roborant, renewing. restorative. Other relevant words:
intoxicating, dynamical, refreshful, renewing, Exhilarant, Roborant, kinetic, tonic, restorative, help, energising, reinvigorating, activation, fresh, dynamic, Innerving, brisk, refreshing.

Usage examples for energizing

  1. The mechanism of her retreat had always been simple- a trick of turning her sensual excitement into indignation, of energizing the virtuous platitudes rigged up in her mind by the passion the caresses had stirred. – Gargoyles by Ben Hecht
  2. After all, they're revitalizing our cities, they're energizing our culture, they're building up our economy. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various