Synonyms for Vague:


darkish (adjective)
dim (adjective)
indistinct, half-lit, faint, filmy, hazy, bleary, shadowy, murky, foggy, cloudy, dim.
equivocal (adjective)
ambivalent, uncertain, misleading, equivocal, double entendre, ambiguous.
meaningless (adjective)
not definite or clear (adjective)
hazy, imprecise, doubtful, unsure, fuzzy, indeterminate, bleary, blurred, obscure, dark, unsettled, dubious, amorphous, faint, perplexing, ill-defined, misunderstood, indistinct, indefinite, puzzling, equivocal, unintelligible, cloudy, uncertain, shadowy, dim, unclear, undetermined, nebulous, enigmatic, ambiguous, questionable, inexplicable.
obscure (adjective)
imprecise, obscure, incoherent, unintelligible, amorphous, formless, turbid, cloudy, hazy, Obfuscated, foggy, shapeless, opaque.
opaque (adjective)
unclear, murky, obscure, impenetrable, hazy, dark, opaque, cloudy.
out of focus (adjective)
uncertain (adjective)
disputable, controversial, confused, arguable, unconvinced, insecure, precarious, contestable, tentative, ambivalent, questionable, undecided, uncertain, moot, changeable, deniable, debatable, mysterious, unsure.
wordy (adjective)


ambiguity, inexplicit, cryptic, hollow, indefinite, ill-defined, meaningless, nonsense, Two-edged, double-edged. inconspicuous, imperceptible, subtle, invisible. fuzzy, blear, undistinct, misty. vague (noun)
indistinct, unclear, indefinable, indeterminate, wispy, dim, shadowy, obscure, undefined, undefinable, faint.

Other synonyms:

inexplicit, undetermined, undistinct. unresolved, invisible. misty. fuzzy. unsettled. ambiguous

Usage examples for vague

  1. Now, in two hours after the time that we did eat, we stopt, both of us, very sudden; for there did be some vague and curious sound in the night. – The Night Land by William Hope Hodgson
  2. Rising from her chair she stood before him with her vague sweet smile playing about her lips. – The Ancient Law by Ellen Glasgow
  3. She knew nothing of her father's business, except the vague reputation of his success. – From Sand Hill to Pine by Bret Harte