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vague - 152 results
equivocal (adjective)

equivocal, ambivalent, uncertain, double-entendre, ambiguous, misleading.

opaque (adjective)

dark, obscure, cloudy, impenetrable, opaque, unclear, hazy, murky.

Examples of usage:

Now, in two hours after the time that we did eat, we stopt, both of us, very sudden; for there did be some vague and curious sound in the night. - "The Night Land", William Hope Hodgson.

Rising from her chair she stood before him with her vague, sweet smile playing about her lips. - "The Ancient Law", Ellen Glasgow.

She knew nothing of her father's business, except the vague reputation of his success. - "From Sand Hill to Pine", Bret Harte.

Similar words:

nouvelle vague, vagus, Nervus Vagus, Vagus Nerve, vagal, vagile, vaguely.

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