Synonyms for Precise:


absolute (adjective)
correct (adjective)
right, suitable, on the button, valid, correct, veracious, exact, accurate.
dead-on (adjective)
exact, accurate (adjective)
correct, clear-cut, on the button, explicit, well-defined, categorical, specific, on the nose, rigid, unequivocal, proper, literal, very, express, nice, rigorous, right, particular, definite, individual, strict, stringent, actual.
fastidious (adjective)
diligent, hypercritical, exacting, perspicacious, discriminating, dainty, epicurean, delicate, accurate, proper, methodical, priggish, finicky, fussy, severe, picky, squeamish, critical, mincing, Qualmish, choosy, careful, scrupulous, persnickety, fastidious, particular, punctilious, discerning, rigorous, prim, correct, prudish, literal, flawless, conscientious, meticulous, demanding.
genteel (adjective)
literal (adjective)
literal, explicit, accurate, exact, actual, prosaic, overt, verbatim, authentic.
meticulous, fastidious (adjective)
exact, punctilious, persnickety, careful, fussy, picky, finicky, choosy, prim, priggish, prissy, stuffy, uncompromising, inflexible, genteel, scrupulous.
ordered (adjective)
orderly (adjective)
perfect (adjective)
precise (adjective)
strict, correct, right, rigorous, definite, meticulous, exact, proper, accurate.
severe (adjective)
blunt, spare, gruff, oppressive, unbending, demanding, harsh, draconian, grim, dour, spartan, fundamental, rigid, brisk, chilly, keen, hidebound, disciplined, stringent, ascetic, curt, inflexible, crisp, abrupt, exacting, meticulous, acute, intolerant, strict, astringent, cool, strait-laced, stiff-necked, bleak, piquant, obdurate, puritanical, cutting, imperial, censorious, austere, critical, dry, sharp, basic, obstinate, frosty, raw, lean, stark, stern, uncompromising, caustic, short, rigorous, severe, icy, prudish, tart, relentless, acerbic, authoritarian, brusque, acrimonious, correct, intense.
short (adjective)
special (adjective)
distinguishing, specific, keynote, characteristic, hallmark, peculiar, feature, different, special, quirky, specialized, discriminating, particular, individual, idiosyncratic, definite.
truthful (adjective)
veridical (adjective)
vigilant (adjective)
guarded, thoughtful, finical, meticulous, sharp-eyed, scrupulous, prepared, responsible, diligent, alert, fastidious, careful, regardful, conscientious, thorough, attentive, heedful, observant, vigilant, mindful, cautious, strict, prudent, fussy, particular, exacting, provident, ready, watchful.


orderly (adverb)


perfect, reliable, unerring. categorical, honestly, clear-cut, precisely, literally, evidently, simply, express, unambiguous, decided, clearly, actually, essentially, certainly, unequivocal, surely, positive, clear. organized, painstaking, true, errorless, systematic. honest, real, veridical, faithful, veracious. old-maidish, prissy, stuffy, bluenosed, victorian, plain, genteel. exact (noun)
precise (noun)
dead, on the nose, correct, hairsplitting, skillful, pinpoint, exact, punctilious, on the button, right, finespun, microscopic, very, accurate, fine, meticulous, nice.

Other synonyms:

errorless, old-maidish, reliable, unerring, prissy, bluenosed. precisely, unambiguous, victorian, decided, veridical. clear-cut, genteel, positive. stuffy, faithful. accurate

Usage examples for precise

  1. As to the precise mode of L'Ouverture's death, there is no certainty. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau
  2. For more precise details I refer you to the communications which were made to Congress during the last session. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various