Synonyms for Free:


all (adjective)
for free (adjective)
on the house.
free (adjective)
disentangled, emancipated, gratis, independent, liberated, released, unbound, unchained, unfettered, unrestricted, untied, wide-open, Disencumbered, Reprieved, disentwined, unleashed.
freed (adjective)
generous (adjective)
generous, lavish, unstinting.
generous, unsparing (adjective)
lavish, munificent, willing.
liberated (adjective)
Disengaged, emancipated, freed, liberated, loose.
loose (adjective)
unconfined, unsecured.
not busy; unoccupied (adjective)
available, spare, uninhabited, vacant.
plainspoken (adjective)
slack (adjective)
anarchic, lax, loose, nihilistic, slack, tolerant.
unburdened (adjective)
unchecked (adjective)
unconfined (adjective)
on the loose.
unrestrained personally (adjective)
at liberty, clear, escaped, footloose, frank, independent, lax, liberal, liberated, loose, on the loose, unattached, uncommitted, unconfined, unconstrained, unfettered, unhampered, unimpeded, unobstructed, unregulated, unrestricted, untrammeled, Disengaged.
unrestrained politically (adjective)
autonomous, democratic, emancipated, freed, self-governing, sovereign.
unsparing (adjective)
vocal (adjective)
willing (adjective)
volitional, voluntary.
without charge (adjective)
complimentary, costless, gratis, gratuitous, unpaid, for nothing, on the house.


all (adverb)


abandoned, blank, democratic, derelict, deserted, hollow, subject, uncrowded, unregulated, void, Delivered. accessible, confined, going, imprisoned, let out, public, seasonal, usable, scot free, on offer. active, aerobic, alkaline, alkaloid, anaerobic, catalytic, chemical, concentrated, corrosive, fastened, fixed, unattached, unimpeded, unobstructed, untrammeled, vacant, chemical equation. charged, contribute, distribute, hand, hand over, help, paid, present, yield. by choice, candid, frank, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting, what you/they will. off-duty, quiet, sleepy, subdued, underemployed, for nothing. bail, bail out, break out, breakout, escapee, unrestrained, bust out. baldly, dependence, directly, emphatic, emphatically, flat out, man-to-man, outright, pointed, vociferous. courtesy, nc, precise, on the house, all expenses paid, with someone's compliments. money, spendthrift, credit history, a fool and his money (are soon parted), be burning a hole in your pocket, have money to burn, he who pays the piper calls the tune, the last of the big spenders, you can't take it with you. enfranchise, owned, uninhabited, unreserved, let someone go. undone, unsecured, unsupported, wobbly, unblocked, free-floating. free-spoken, outspoken, restraint, vocal. generous, give, lavish, munificent, unsparing, unstinting. spontaneous, unforced, volitional, voluntary, willful, willing, uncompelled. strike. free (noun)
absolve, at liberty, atrip, autonomous, available, aweigh, clear, complimentary, costless, detached, discharge, discharged, disembarrass, disengage, disentangled, dislodge, emancipated, escaped, exempt, extricated, footloose, free of, free people, freeborn, freed, give up, gratis, gratuitous, independent, inexact, justify, liberal, liberate, liberated, loose, on the loose, out-of-school, quit, release, released, relinquish, resign, rid, self-governing, slaveless, sovereign, spare, unblock, unbound, uncommitted, unconfined, unconstrained, unfixed, unfreeze, unhampered, unimprisoned, unloose, unloosen, unoccupied, unpaid, unrestricted, Free-soil.
free and easy (noun)
spontaneous, tolerant.
free hand (noun)
absolve, acquit, clear, deliver, disengage, disentangle, emancipate, except, excuse, exempt, gratis, let out, liberate, loose, release, relieve, rid, set free, unbind, unchain, unleash, untie, for nothing.
group (noun)
free people.


acquit (verb)
absolve, acquit, clear, defray, discharge, dismiss, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, forgive, liberate, pardon, release, vindicate.
dismiss (verb)
dispel, except, exempt, license, permit, privilege, relieve, reprieve, stay.
free (verb)
disencumber, disentangle, ease, unbind, unchain, unleash, untie, Disentwine, Unfetter.
liberate (verb)
deliver, disengage, emancipate, let loose, let out, set free.
liberate, let go (verb)
absolve, acquit, bail, bail out, deliver, discharge, disengage, dismiss, emancipate, enfranchise, let loose, let out, loosen, pardon, release, relieve, reprieve, set free, unbind, unchain, unleash, untie, Unfetter.
slacken (verb)
loosen, slacken.
social (verb)
liberate, loose, release, unloose, unloosen.
take burden from (verb)
disembarrass, disencumber, disentangle, excuse, exempt, rid.

Other synonyms:

breakout, enfranchise, escapee, off-duty, public, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting, sleepy, spendthrift, subdued, underemployed, unforced, unobstructed, unstinting, unblocked, uncompelled, bust out, credit history. courtesy, free-spoken, outspoken, unimpeded, uninhabited, unreserved, unsecured, unsparing, vacant. bail, confined, quiet, undone, unsupported, vocal, willful, free-floating. bail out, break out, wobbly. lavish. restraint. give. at liberty
at liberty.
exculpate, pardon.
let loose, let out, unchain, unchained.
scot free.
unhampered, untrammeled.
Other relevant words:
at liberty, available, free-spoken, generous, gratis, gratuitous, lavish, liberal, on the loose, quit, rid, spare, unconstrained, undone, unfixed, unoccupied, unrestrained, vacant, willful, for nothing.

Usage examples for free

  1. She was young, free and rich. – The Claverings by Anthony Trollope
  2. Of course, now our hands are free – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates
  3. In a minute or two you will be free and can make another Baronne Hulot. – Cousin Betty by Honore de Balzac