Synonyms for Democratic:


all (adjective)
equal (adjective)
free (adjective)
representative, self-governing (adjective)
individualistic, populist, popular, equal, common, just, autonomous, free, orderly, communal, egalitarian, constitutional.


autonomous, colonialist, absolute, governing, absolutist, federal, collectivist, governmental, bicameral. D, general, politics, democrat, DEM, social democrat, social democratic, the Democratic Party, specific, public. democratic (noun)
parliamentary, classless, common, antiauthoritarian, participatory, popular, republican, representative, egalitarian, direct.
popular (noun)
jeffersonian, free, orderly, populist, liberal, laissez-faire, just, equal, communal, bourgeois, constitutional, advocating democracy, individualistic.

Other synonyms:

absolute. general, public. D. Other relevant words:
bicameral, colonialist, jeffersonian, democrat, equal, federal, collectivist, governmental, orderly, governing, autonomous, just, absolute, public, absolutist, general, DEM, liberal, politics, populist, bourgeois, free, specific, individualistic, D, communal, constitutional.

Usage examples for democratic

  1. The Lady or the Democratic Tiger?" – The Window at the White Cat by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  2. This colored man found himself without a Republican for whom he might vote, and was informed that the Democratic party was a close corporation so far as the Colored man was concerned. – The Negro and the elective franchise. A Series Of Papers And A Sermon (The American Negro Academy. Occasional Papers, No. 11.) by Archibald H. Grimké, Charles C. Cook, John Hope, John L. Love, Kelly Miller, and Rev. Frank J. Grimké
  3. Well, it's the whole difference between the aristocratic and the democratic view of life. – The Patrician by John Galsworthy