Synonyms for Sovereignty:


accession, accede, crown, dethrone, the crown, court, depose, abdicate, commoner, coronation. Self Determination, independence, freedom, autonomy. say-so, over, jurisdiction, dominion. authority (noun)
faculty, cogency, force, potency, clout, privilege, control, power, punch, purview, jurisdiction, sway, influence, entitlement, charge, powerfulness, mandate, prestige, mightiness, puissance, seniority, primacy, commission, empowerment, authority, steam, birthright, Prepotency, office, license, domination, mastery, rank, strength, title, precedence, right, superiority, command, enfranchisement, might, kingship, prerogative, credential.
command (noun)
discipline, reign, hold, supremacy, grasp, will, grip, law, prowess, rule, direction, management, government, coordination.
domination (noun)
jurisdiction, sway, dominion, preeminence, supremacy, dominance, Prepotency, primacy.
freedom (noun)
independency, liberty, enfranchisement.
independence (noun)
nobility (noun)
courtliness, Regality, stature, Knightliness, Augustness, majesty, distinction, greatness, aristocracy, lordliness, Kingliness, imperialness, Queenliness, grandness, dignity, stateliness, Princeliness, nobility, heroicalness.
royalty (noun)
kingship, Regality, crown.
say-so (noun)
self-determination (noun)
Self Determination.
self-government (noun)
sovereignty (noun)
state (noun)
superiority (noun)
eminence, incomparability, championship, preeminence, excellence, dominance.
supremacy (noun)

Other synonyms:

independency, say-so, dominion. self-government. liberty. liberty
autonomy, independence.
political liberty

Usage examples for sovereignty

  1. After the defection of Argos from the league, the Mantineans, though they held out at first, in the end finding themselves powerless without the Argives, themselves too came to terms with Lacedaemon, and gave up their sovereignty over the towns. – The History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides
  2. Things continued like this till the sovereignty came to Bishtasb, son of Lohrasb. – Iranian Influence on Moslem Literature, Part I by M. Inostranzev
  3. Taking into account the opinions thus expressed, the league will decide the ultimate sovereignty in any portion restored to Germany. – Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights by Kelly Miller