Synonyms for Urged:


bound (adjective)
compelled, obliged, impelled, pressed, constrained, driven.
managed (adjective)
obliged (adjective)
pressed (adjective)
Pushed, pressured.
urged (adjective)
favored, desired, proposed, requested, forced, solicited, approved, moved, Prompted, Influenced, Praised, endorsed, advanced, Coerced, recommended, Coaxed, charged, backed, motivated, Implored, advised.


pressed (noun)
charged, advised, Influenced, Tempted, constrained.


coaxed (verb)
Persuaded, Implored, enlisted, convinced, Cajoled, seduced, Swayed, Coaxed, charmed.
compelled (verb)
intimidated, bullied, sparked, goaded, motivated, Bulldozed, stimulated, hijacked, pressed, Propelled, Caused, browbeaten, stressed, Dragooned, dictated, Fomented, Coerced, pressured, Incited, Nagged, impelled, drove, daunted, mandated, compelled, driven, Galvanized, browbeat, obliged.
hastened (verb)
Bustled, rushed, expedited, hurried, Hustled, quickened, Flurried, accelerated, Sped, Pushed, Spurred, Hastened.
motivated (verb)
magnetized, induced, Instigated, forced, Enticed, fired, Flung, shot, Jogged, thrust, Slung, Lobbed, Bumped, Shoved, jolted, Jerked, struck, fermented, Prodded, heaved, moved, provoked, Poked, stricken, catapulted, Hurtled, Energized, Jostled, Knocked, Hurled, pitched, thrown, nudged, Rammed, Punched, Threw, Launched, triggered, inspired.
moved (verb)
requested (verb)
wanted, bid, Pleaded, sought, Summoned, Questioned, Demanded, requested, Wished, invited, desired, solicited, Petitioned, Probed, Inquired, Bidden, Appealed, requisitioned, Queried.
urge (verb)

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Other relevant words:
advanced, recommended, proposed, Influenced, advised, constrained.

Usage examples for Urged

  1. " Think," Paredes urged him. – The Abandoned Room by Wadsworth Camp
  2. Maurice urged her to wait. – The Idol of Paris by Sarah Bernhardt
  3. When he had read the letter, he said he must leave the following morning, and urged me to go back to my home and wait until he could come and fetch me. – The Day of Judgment by Joseph Hocking