Synonyms for Concentrated:


condensed, reduced (adjective)
rich, potent, undivided, unmixed, thick, whole, unadulterated, fixed, undiluted, straight.
decreased (adjective)
contracted, decremented, Abated, depleted, deflated, diminished, lessened, compressed, abridged, eroded, Compacted, shortened, Receded, Curtailed, drained, lower, truncated, abbreviated, shrunk, decreased.
diminished (adjective)
shrunken, mowed, diminished, weeded, Bobbed, depleted, cut, removed, truncated, shortened, abridged, deflated, reduced, Dwindled, condensed, dropped, decreased, compressed, decremented, drained, sheared, downgraded, tapered, eroded, Leached, abbreviated, Compacted, pruned, Nipped, lessened, Receded, lowered, clipped, contracted, docked, cropped, Curtailed, Pared, shaved, deducted, Lightened, trimmed.
heavy (adjective)
intense (adjective)
deep, fierce, intensive.
straight (adjective)
strong (adjective)
unmixed (adjective)


aerobic, alkaline, anaerobic, alkaloid, chemical, active, catalytic, chemical equation, corrosive. collect, whole, unswerving, under someone's critical eye, part, observant, attention span, regard, alert, edge, concerned, fixated, attentive, attention, intensive. Heightened, fierce. stiff, potent. concentrated (noun)
centralized, intense, bunched, centralised, collected, massed, stored-up, heaped-up, condensed, thick, exclusive, focused, cumulous, accumulated, single, bunchy, centred, assembled, gathered, dense, saved up, compressed, clustered, heaped, boiled-down, thickset, saturated, compact, supersaturated, undivided, piled, fixed, undiluted, amassed, congregate, centered, deepened, intent.
intense (noun)
intensive, deep.


centralized (verb)
centralized, centered.
converged (verb)
focused, Met, merged, Intercepted, united, Approached.
decreased (verb)
deducted, died down, lowered, Subsided, Dwindled, Shrank.
diminished (verb)
Culled, minimized.
thought (verb)
thought, Weighed, studied, Debated, envisioned, Brooded, Contemplated, Meditated, imagined, reasoned, reflected, calculated, Speculated, evaluated, cerebrated, daydreamed, analyzed, Mused, Pondered, considered, Deliberated, Cogitated, Appraised.

Other synonyms:

aerobic, alkaloid, anaerobic, corrosive, chemical equation, catalytic, alkaline, Heightened. intensive, chemical, unswerving, potent. whole, stiff. fierce, active. unmixed
Other relevant words:
bunched, deep, fixed, intensive, assembled, thickset, collected, whole, piled, exclusive, aerobic, attentive, dense, cumulous, deepened, clustered, accumulated, Heightened, chemical, supersaturated, intent, unswerving, boiled-down, catalytic, observant, potent, intense, heaped-up, fierce, massed, centralised, amassed, undiluted, alkaloid, alkaline, saturated, thick, compact, bunchy, undivided, straight, gathered, centred, rich, stiff, stored-up, congregate, corrosive, alert, single, heaped.

Usage examples for concentrated

  1. I found a serious bearing, a concentrated manner, an angry face, and was much surprised. – The Memoirs of Louis XIV., Volume 10 And His Court and of The Regency by Duc de Saint-Simon
  2. All the fire of her nature had been concentrated in this one folly, this one passion, against which only heroic endurance had been able to prevail. – John Marchmont's Legacy, Volume I (of 3) by Mary E. Braddon
  3. The forces were not concentrated – London to Ladysmith via Pretoria by Winston Spencer Churchill