Synonyms for Removed:


all (adjective)
distant, remote.
diminished (adjective)
drained, depleted, Bobbed, lessened, condensed, dropped, shortened, shaved, deflated, trimmed, deducted, docked, Nipped, Receded, cropped, Pared, cut, weeded, clipped, Dwindled, lowered, sheared, eroded, Lightened, contracted, decremented, diminished, downgraded, Leached, truncated, mowed, abridged, Compacted, reduced, decreased, abbreviated, concentrated, pruned, compressed, Curtailed, tapered, shrunken.
dismissed (adjective)
discharged, Ousted, retired.
distant (adjective)
isolated, solitary, faraway, remote, disconnected, separate.
excluded (adjective)
Renounced, Eliminated, Disbarred, Amputated, blacklisted, Excluded, Expatriated, Deported, Relegated, Exiled, proscribed, banned, Eradicated, rejected, Excised, Ejected, barred, Excommunicated, Blackballed, Ostracized, Denied, forbidden, Evicted, Disallowed, Expelled, repudiated, Extradited, Banished, prohibited.
extracted (adjective)
withdrawn, Amputated, extricated, Excavated, Extracted, drawn, Eradicated.
extraneous (adjective)
foreign, alien, immaterial, external, outlandish, disjoint, extraneous, unaffiliated, inapplicable, separate, inappropriate, foreign-born, disconnected, segregated, extrinsic, irrelevant, nonessential, eerie, unessential, separated, inadmissible, impertinent, unrelated, outside, exotic, outer, estranged, other, Unallied, strange, dissociated, disaffiliated, detached, parenthetical, extraterrestrial.
faraway (adjective)
alone, distant, obscure, apart.
killed (adjective)
smitten, smothered, Hanged, murdered, dispatched, strangled, iced, Butchered, exterminated, asphyxiated, executed, Suffocated, Purged, assassinated, Sacrificed, done away with, Snuffed, put to sleep, Killed, done in, Liquidated, Eliminated, Massacred, Slaughtered.
moved (adjective)
obscure (adjective)
reduced (adjective)
cropped, bated, decreased, abridged, pruned, Depreciated, clipped, Bobbed, diminished, shortened, docked, cut, Deleted, sheared, contracted, drained, eroded, Elided, Nipped, trimmed, deflated, deducted, Pared, reduced, abbreviated, lowered, Snubbed, lessened, Curtailed, weeded, Discounted, mowed, subtracted, shaved, compressed.
remote (adjective)
beyond, extrinsic, far, remote, distant.
secluded (adjective)
taken out (adjective)
Ejected, Extracted, withdrawn, Eliminated, detached, Excised.


long, way back, in (the) olden days/times, in the old days, near, far-flung, time, far-off, faraway, dim and distant. lonesome, hazy, outlying, ignorant, illiterate, unsuspecting, out-of-the-way, ill-informed, uninformed, unfamiliar, insular, solitary, unacquainted, back, lost, obscure, unknowing, lonely. alone, isolate, filial, Family, include, legitimate, lone, apart, familial, illegitimate, kinship, close, illegitimacy, direct. distant (noun)


carried (verb)
bore, Carted, sent, Transferred, Carried, Hauled, Shifted, conveyed, Transported, Borne, Delivered, expressed, transmitted, moved.
dismissed (verb)
discharged, recalled, retired.
excluded (verb)
disqualified, Forbade, ignored.
extracted (verb)
drew, Withdrew.
killed (verb)
slain, did away with, drowned, slew, Smote, chilled, did in.
secluded (verb)
Deported, Expatriated, Excommunicated, Ejected, cordoned, Extradited, Ousted, Excluded, Boycotted, Ostracized, rejected, alienated, Blackballed, Disbarred, Extirpated, Exiled, cloistered, Insulated, Evicted, closeted, sequestered, confined, Expelled, Banished, Screened, secluded, blacklisted, Eliminated, isolated.
separated (verb)
dismantled, disunited, Bisected, rent, incised, Disengaged, split, cleaved, divided, sliced, Excised, Disintegrated, parted, axed, broke, Halved, broken, severed, fragmented, Sundered, disassembled, disjoined, Disassociated, unglued, unfixed, uncoupled, divorced, unhinged, dissected, Amputated, ripped.

Other synonyms:

far-flung, faraway. out-of-the-way, far-off, obscure, retired, insular, recalled, solitary, outlying. alone, lonely, lonesome, lone. Other relevant words:
hazy, Family, retired, direct, legitimate, contrasting, lonesome, isolate, kinship, diverse, filial, apart, alone, insular, dissimilar, unknowing, illegitimate, uninformed, faraway, unfamiliar, near, distinct, long, ill-informed, different, outlying, discharged, illegitimacy, obscure, lost, time, solitary, familial, close, back, far-flung, unacquainted, ignorant, illiterate, conflicting, unsuspecting, recalled, unlike, alternative, out-of-the-way, include, various, lone, far-off, divergent, lonely.