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Borne - 56 results
Other synonyms:

begotten, befallen, bidden, bestridden, begun, blown, arisen, bitten, been.

Examples of usage:

" I have borne it by the help of your book," she said looking down at it and trembling. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.

But this single incident in the history of the tribe is all too little to brand them with the reputation of treachery which they have borne ever since. - "The Boy With the U. S. Survey", Francis Rolt-Wheeler.

It is air borne and water borne and probably sea borne as well. - "The Blue Germ", Martin Swayne.

Similar words:

borne in upon, borneo, tidal bore, city-born, naked as the day one was born, naked as the day you were born, country borage, corn borer, corn borer moth, Sir Ernst Boris chain.

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