Synonyms for Drew:


drew (noun)
John drew.
person (noun)
John drew.


attracted (verb)
charmed, captivated, invited, engrossed, magnetized, Enticed, Dragged, Lured, seduced, pulled, allured, enchanted.
brought (verb)
Transferred, Fetched, Borne, Attracted, Carried, Adduced, conveyed, Transported, induced, drawn, bore, Brought, conducted, Imparted.
drew (verb)
depicted, painted, Rendered, illustrated, doodled.
extracted (verb)
Withdrew, removed, Eradicated, Extracted, Amputated, withdrawn, Excavated, extricated.
outlined (verb)
silhouetted, Sketched, represented, planned, Drafted, outlined, figured, contoured, framed, formed, circumscribed, traced, delineated, Profiled.
pulled (verb)
Hauled, Grabbed, Towed, Yanked, Tugged, Jerked.

Other synonyms:

John Drew
John drew.
Other relevant words:
John drew.

Usage examples for drew

  1. With this in her heart she lived ten of her old days in one, but also she drew for those ten days upon her future. – Not Pretty, But Precious by John Hay, et al.
  2. Miss Puttenham opened her garden gate and drew in the Rector. – The Case of Richard Meynell by Mrs. Humphrey Ward
  3. At last she drew it in. – Odd by Amy Le Feuvre