Synonyms for Gleam:


jump for joy, thrive on, treasure, rejoice, cheer, rejoice in, be happy for someone, look forward to, live happily ever after, brighten. catch the light, burn. dazzle, wink, spangle, coruscate, glister. express, falter, clear, creep, luminesce, crease, crumple, furrow, cross. spark, fireworks, outpouring, edge, trace, coruscation, smoke signal, blink. attribute (noun)
glow, lambency, gleaming.
brightness, sparkle (noun)
glint, glow, beam, coruscation, scintillation, brilliance, glimmer, luster, flash.
gleam (noun)
glitter, lambency, glisten, glint, glow, glimmer, shine, gleaming.
glister (noun)
light (noun)
brilliance, shine, scintillation, brightness, luminousness, beam, light, glow, radiation, glitter, blaze, lucidity, luster, illumination, flash, glint, sparkle, incandescence.
ray of light (noun)


light (verb)
incandesce, radiate, fire, flood, spot, flare, illuminate, scintillate, fluoresce.
perception (verb)
glisten, glitter, glint, shine.
sparkle (verb)
glitter, radiate, burn, flare, shine, coruscate, glister, scintillate, glisten.

Other synonyms:

coruscation, glister, coruscate, luminesce. crumple, smoke signal, outpouring, blink, dazzle, spark, wink. falter, creep. burn. furrow, crease. trace, edge. express. cross. clear. glisten

Usage examples for gleam

  1. His features were grave, but there was the gleam of a hidden laugh in his eyes as he spoke. – Round the Red Lamp Being Facts and Fancies of Medical Life by Arthur Conan Doyle
  2. Then I gazed with eager desire and fear- which was the stronger I scarcely knew- for the yellow under- gleam to show the safety of my treasure. – Erema My Father's Sin by R. D. Blackmore