Synonyms for Clod:


joker, clay, maniac, dumb blond, gob, mass, earth, soil, numpty, airhead. dirt, dust, grit, mud, alluvium, boor, loam. nugget, wad, part, hunch. numskull, DUMBO, thickhead, dummkopf, ability, chump. bungler (noun)
clown, botcher, fumbler, blunder-head, clodhopper, goof, bumbler, oaf, butter-fingers, yokel.
clod (noun)
lummox, chunk, stumblebum, ball, goon, lout, lump, klutz, gawk, oaf, clump, glob, lubber.
fool (noun)
dummy, bungler, bonehead, cretin, half-wit, imbecile, dolt, blockhead, loon, crackpot, fool, simpleton, dumbbell, lame-brain, dimwit, dunce, nincompoop, meathead, knuckle-head, chuckle-head, moron, ignoramus, dullard, nitwit.
ignoramus (noun)
buffoon, birdbrain, scatterbrain.
lout (noun)
goon, lout.
lump (noun)
stupid person (noun)
dunce, dimwit, dummy, dumbbell, chump, imbecile, oaf, fool, dolt, blockhead, simpleton, boor, lame-brain, lout, clown.
thickhead (noun)

Other synonyms:

gob, dust, dummkopf, grit, thickhead, chump, DUMBO, loam, alluvium. nugget, soil, numskull, mud. hunch, clay, wad. lout
boor, lout.
Other relevant words:
gob, boor, thickhead, lump, chunk, glob, dirt, mass, chump, clay, lubber, maniac, goon, dust, ball, numpty, joker, earth, grit, hunch, nugget, lummox, lout, gawk, clump, part, numskull, mud, ability, klutz, alluvium, loam, DUMBO, dummkopf, stumblebum, soil, wad, airhead.

Usage examples for clod

  1. We are tormented atoms on a clod of earth, whom death at last swallows up, and with whom destiny meanwhile makes cruel sport. – Rousseau Volumes I. and II. by John Morley
  2. She lived mainly in an ideal world, and her life was fed by what she fetched up from the clod or down from the clouds. – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  3. When it happens to be silent in the night, by throwing a stone or clod into the bushes where it sits you immediately set it a- singing; or in other words, though it slumbers sometimes, yet as soon as it is awakened it reassumes its song. – The-Natural-History-of-Selborne by White, Gilbert