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blockhead - 134 results
Other synonyms:

bubblehead, loggerhead turtle, dum-dum, ability, gander, joker, dummkopf, yo-yo, woodenhead, goon, clunk, chucklehead, thickhead, ninnyhammer, dumbhead, dodo, dumbass, golem, ratbag, mug, deadhead, clot, noddy, saphead, dim bulb, loggerhead, hardhead, schlub, nimrod, dunce, DUMBO, dork, stock, shithead, dunderhead, chump, dumb blond, knucklehead, yahoo, pinhead, muttonhead, lamebrain, stupe, bonehead, maniac, clodpoll, mutt, stupid, hammerhead shark, numpty, know-nothing, airhead, noodle, prat, cuddy, dip, natural, lunkhead, chowderhead, numskull, fathead, hammerhead, cluck, turkey, fuckhead, lump, nit, donkey, doofus, schnook, mome, ninny.

Examples of usage:

Dick told me at the bank that he was going to invite you, and then that young blockhead called for you." - "The Desired Woman", Will N. Harben.

And here she puffs herself up like a frog and pukes in her own nest; she's a blockhead, all right, not a woman. - "The Satyricon, Complete", Petronius Arbiter.

Finally he had joined that group of fortunate young men which bought the famous Blockhead Farm for a few thousand pounds- the property which, with its petroleum wells, in a short time increased in value to a hundred times its purchase price.... - "Royal Highness", Thomas Mann.

Similar words:

blockheaded, blocked, blockaded, blotched, blockade, military blockade, side-blotched lizard, blocker, bloodshed.

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