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bonehead - 126 results
Other synonyms:

dopey, unsmart, thick-witted, numskull, dipstick, chuckleheaded, jerk, thickheaded, oafish, wanker, boneheaded, muttonhead, dumb, dull, witless, dumbass, airheaded, doltish, empty-headed, dunce, dense, deadhead, dorky, slow, simple, mindless, lamebrain, gormless, lunkheaded, shithead, obtuse, birdbrained, loggerhead, dork, pinheaded, spastic, brainless, soft, dim-witted, blockhead, lunkhead, softheaded, opaque, unintelligent, vacuous, bubbleheaded, knucklehead, hammerhead shark, thick, half-witted, cow, fuckhead, knuckleheaded, stupid, dunderhead, fatuous, loggerhead turtle, brain-dead, dim, weak-minded, hammerhead, dunderheaded, slow-witted, senseless.

Examples of usage:

It was the Bonehead. - "A Canadian Bankclerk", J. P. Buschlen.

Come on, you yella- livered bonehead!" - "Sawtooth Ranch", B. M. Bower.

Then there was that bonehead play, when, with Hinsdale on third and Hodge on first, he had given the signal for Hodge to make a break for second, so as to draw a throw from the catcher and thus let Hinsdale get in from third. - "Bert Wilson's Fadeaway Ball", J. W. Duffield.

Similar words:

boneheads, boneheaded, bonnethead, boneless, bonelet, boneset, purple boneset, climbing boneset.

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