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thickheaded - 63 results
Other synonyms:

idiotic, mindless, hebetudinous, bubbleheaded, heavyset, fatheaded, thickset, blockheaded, lunkheaded, birdbrained, duncical, unintelligent, ignorant, dimwitted, dunderheaded, doltish, brainless, stupid, chummy, oafish, wooden-headed, chuckleheaded, dim-witted, loggerheaded, vacuous, obtuse, stocky, boneheaded, opaque, simple, dopey, slow-witted, dense, unsmart, thick-skulled, pinheaded, brain-dead, ability, compact, dumb, duncish, airheaded, slow, senseless, slurred, deep, lamebrain, thick, knuckleheaded, soft, fatuous, bonehead, empty-headed, buddy-buddy, dull, witless, gormless, weak-minded, dorky, dim, thick-witted, softheaded, half-witted.

Examples of usage:

Hans and he had had several encounters with the British, but a thickheaded, deaf Dutchman, and a young, frightened lame girl, with a hideous bonnet, served only for a moment's idle sport for the king's gallant men. - "Then Marched the Brave", Harriet T. Comstock.

If you think it worthwhile- or better, if you can convince the thickheaded politicians of the Interplanatary Defense Commission that it is- " Beyond that, I'll see you in about two weeks," Arcot turned, and entered the ship. - "Invaders from the Infinite", John Wood Campbell.

Winnington is a good fellow, but a thickheaded Philistine all the same. - "Delia Blanchflower", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Similar words:

thickhead, thickened, thicknesses, thickener, thickspread, thimbleweed, longheaded thimbleweed, Virginia Thimbleweed.

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