Synonyms for Addict:


snowbird, speed freak, man, drug fiend, pill popper, crackhead, dope fiend, mainliner, drug abuser, acidhead, regular, substance abuser, adherent, follower, practitioner, druggie, pothead, hophead, cokey, tripper, chain-smoker, evangelist, alcoholic, head, fanatic, customer, user. addict (noun)
hook, freak, nut.
drug addict (noun)
hophead, drug abuser, drug fiend, druggie.
enthusiast (noun)
fancier, nut, supporter, freak, aficionado, fan, buff, connoisseur, fiend, patron, enthusiast, zealot, devotee.
junkie (noun)
person (noun)
freak, nut.


consumption (verb)

Other synonyms:

head. Other relevant words:
head, pill popper, alcoholic, follower, druggie, speed freak, fanatic, user, snowbird, mainliner, man, hophead, acidhead, drug abuser, crackhead, practitioner, adherent, regular, hook, tripper, substance abuser, pothead, evangelist, customer.

Usage examples for addict

  1. It even happened that a movie- actor- who, I later discovered, was a drug- addict insisted on accompanying me home and informed me on the way that I had a dream of a face for camera- work. – The Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer