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asinine - 79 results
Other synonyms:

daft, cockeyed, cuckoo, sappy, jerky, tomfool, vacuous, blank, balmy, fatuous, daffy, weak-minded, nutty, reasonless, half-baked, unwise, lunatic, unmindful, mindless, unintelligent, inane, slow-witted, mad, screwball, foolish, simpleminded, zany, featherheaded, thick, senseless, lunkheaded, kooky, harebrained, forgetful, bubbleheaded, empty-headed, silly, dippy, wacky, inept, slow, witless, hollow, insane, preposterous, empty, study atsilly, simple-minded, fool.

Examples of usage:

That feature which, in men, made as they ought to be, is called a mouth, was in him not entitled to the name; it being a vulgar gash, with a pair of very thick lips, extending across two dumpling cheeks, and nearly uniting a brace of tremendous asinine ears. - "Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3", Henry Hunt.

Johnny refused to heed such asinine remarks and stood on his dignity. - "Hopalong Cassidy", Clarence E. Mulford.

Rather asinine, going to see him! - "The Title Market", Emily Post.

Similar words:

asimina, Genus Asimina, Asimina Triloba, Asininity, asilidae, Family Asilidae.

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