Synonyms for Silent:


all (adjective)
still, soundless.
aphonic (adjective)
deaf (adjective)
deaf, stone-deaf, deaf-mute, hearing-impaired.
dumb (adjective)
mute, tongue-tied, speechless, dumb, taciturn, voiceless, mum.
quiet (adjective)
quiet; speechless (adjective)
indistinct, hushed, inarticulate, faint, voiceless, soundless, mute, mum, tongue-tied, dumb, hush, noiseless, still, taciturn, uncommunicative.
silent (adjective)
mute, still, hushed, Lulled, dumb, inaudible, noiseless, quiet, soundless, mum.
tacit (adjective)
taciturn (adjective)
incommunicative, uncommunicable, tightlipped, Incommunicable.
tightlipped (adjective)
uncommunicative (adjective)
understood, implied (adjective)
implicit, tacit, unuttered, unexpressed, unvoiced.


closed syllable, bilabial, affricate, calm, consonant, alveolar, aspirate, aspiration, assonance, close vowel. hush, imperceptible, stilly, indistinct, invisible, inconspicuous, blurred, fuzzy, faint, feeble, subtle, ill-defined. restraint, economical, close-mouthed, tightlipped, brief, succinct, monosyllabic, Incommunicable, uncommunicable, concise, terse. quiescent, silence, quiet as a mouse, words, you could hear a pin drop. undeclared, unexpressed, unuttered, unsaid, unvoiced. silent (noun)
dumb, inaudible, unhearable, incommunicative, mum, quiet, implied, understood, uncommunicative, unsounded, tacit, still, inarticulate, unarticulate, inexplicit, implicit, soundless, mute.
without noise (noun)
calm, hushed, soundless, quiet, still.

Other synonyms:

close-mouthed, unexpressed, concise, unuttered, unvoiced, stilly, succinct, tightlipped, undeclared, uncommunicable. Incommunicable, unsaid, monosyllabic. economical. silence, hush. brief. uncommunicative
Other relevant words:
monosyllabic, quiescent, indistinct, dumb, concise, silence, unexpressed, Incommunicable, inexplicit, unarticulate, unuttered, faint, tightlipped, implicit, inarticulate, unsaid, unvoiced, understood, terse, undeclared, brief, incommunicative, unsounded, unhearable, hush, close-mouthed, stilly, tacit, calm, uncommunicable, implied, uncommunicative.

Usage examples for silent

  1. Turnbull was silent for a moment. – The Ball and The Cross by G.K. Chesterton
  2. In the day all is silent as the grave. – A Galahad of the Creeks; The Widow Lamport by S. (Sidney) Levett-Yeats
  3. For a time they were silent – Last Words by Stephen Crane