Synonyms for Bit:


adjustable wrench, awl, shard, butt, driblet, lick, moiety, bradawl, stump, sample, lump, mote, trifle, snip, dose, scale, chicken feed, blowlamp, splinter, mouthful, hint, tittle, excerpt, bellows, specimen, section, taste, applicator, box end wrench, dollop, blowtorch, sliver, dram, jot, droplet, fragment, quantity, trickle, stub, dot, item, Allen Wrench, molecule, snippet, pinch, sprinkling. facet, property, nature, factor, feature, aspect, jiffy, peculiarity, quality, component. inch, unit, hairbreadth, wink, little, detail, tolerance, minimum, infinitude, margin, maximum, hair, whisker, substructure. a little, gag, a bit, taster, snaffle, curb, halter. ct, C, drift, dime, dinar, cent, dollar, euro, Aud, crown. bollocks, big, cervical, bits, Ort, scruple, beaver, ounce, minim, cojones, cervix. cps, bandwidth, clock speed, DPI, block, ghz, capacity, byte, baud. crop, harness, horsewhip, paragraph, words, hurdle, story, bridle, blinders, squib, girth, fence. space, time. action. a bit (noun)
jiffy, moment, a little, minute.
bit (noun)
flake, injured, turn, minute, stung, act, second, bite, chip, spot, bitten, piece, scrap, moment, routine, number, morsel, fleck.
end (noun)
shard, stub.
event (noun)
lump (noun)
mote (noun)
number (noun)
digit, sign, number, figure, integer, character, notation, numeral, symbol, cipher.
particle (noun)
speck, granule, touch, smidgen, scrap, particle, dash, drop, modicum, iota, dab, atom, snippet, shred, smithereen, crumb, whit, Flyspeck, morsel, grain, mite, trace, pittance.
perforator (noun)
drill, point, lance, blade, needle, spur, die, poker, puncture, punch, spear, skewer, tip, Perforator, bore, arrow, penetrator, stick, spike, gouge, thorn, auger.
portion (noun)
division, proportion, commission, stake, allowance, compartment, parcel, subdivision, cut, ration, member, chunk, zone, portion, quota, dividend, budget, partition, helping, segment, interest, share, quantum, stock, allotment, part, lot, percentage, sector, measure, split, fraction, half, piece, slice.
quantity (noun)
short period of time (noun)
minute, moment, space, second, jiffy.
time interval (noun)
tiny piece (noun)
droplet, fraction, modicum, chicken feed, division, butt, dose, item, chip, lick, shard, scrap, dot, iota, excerpt, scale, flake, grain, splinter, moiety, lump, stub, driblet, morsel, fragment, crumb, sliver, share, dash, particle, stump, taste, tittle, snippet, parcel, snip, sprinkling, part, chunk, dollop, atom, portion, mite, pinch, specimen, segment, speck, shred, trace, jot, sample, smidgen, slice, dab, molecule, trickle, section.


ate (verb)
eaten, ingested, snacked, breakfasted, Supped, ate, Picnicked, bitten, devoured, Tasted, consumed, Grubbed, Lunched, Dined, Gulped, Feasted, Drank, fed.
participate (verb)
participate, contribute, join.

Other synonyms:

blowlamp, hint, snaffle, bandwidth, clock speed, blowtorch, blinders, trifle, taster, euro, cps, bradawl, minim, adjustable wrench, awl, dollar, Aud, dinar, DPI, box end wrench, bellows, cent, ghz, baud, byte, applicator, dime, Allen Wrench, substructure, shard. horsewhip, girth, hurdle, squib, paragraph, ounce, bridle, mouthful, jot, Ort, inch. butt, dram, pinch, scruple, hair, dot. capacity, sample. ct, fence, time, story, crown. space, crop, detail. unit, C. block, item. section. blob
Other relevant words:
fleck, snaffle, tittle, chip, item, jot, dot, snip, scruple, sliver, mote, fragment, dram, little, scale, hair.

Usage examples for bit

  1. I came a bit out of my way with it. – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  2. Now isn't that just a bit hard on us- right at first? – Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. For his mouth's not a bit nice, really. – Wanderers by Knut Hamsun