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goof - 428 results
Other synonyms:

inaccuracy, screwup, lump, schmo, half-wit, ignoramus, nit, bubblehead, lapse, dodo, dunderhead, prat, loggerhead, know-nothing, goon, know-nothing, gander, mistake, dimwit, hardhead, screwup, golem, turkey, dullard, jack, yo-yo, clinker, golem, goon, natural, cluck, woodenhead, mome, cuddy, ejaculate, bobble, mug, hammerhead, ninnyhammer, fault, dumbbell, thickhead, hardhead, misapprehension, drop the ball, cat, mome, fathead, dim bulb, chowderhead, brick, meathead, tomfool, meathead, misstep, loon, dummkopf, ninnyhammer, ignoramus, clunk, dope, hardhead, boo-boo, clinker, nincompoop, loggerhead, lunkhead, stupe, foul up, boob, yo-yo, clanger, dummy, donkey, fault, clinker, goon, chowderhead, dim bulb, inaccuracy, gaffe, thickhead, woodenhead, clunk, nimrod, mug, donkey, slit, pinhead, chucklehead, deadhead, misstep, dork, noddy, lounge, clanger, yahoo, loaf, knucklehead, cuddy, knucklehead, knucklehead, nit, nimrod, knucklehead, half-wit, clot, maniac, boo-boo, nitwit, ninnyhammer, nit, bubblehead, puss, screwup, donkey, bobble, woodenhead, chowderhead, dumbhead, transgress, laze, slipup, clodpoll, schlub, natural, bloomer, mutt, dummy, dodo, loon, ninnyhammer, miscue, buffoon, trip up, mistake, correct, error, airhead, dimwit, hombre, miscue, clodpoll, sin, cunt, dunderhead, dullard, bubblehead, prat, clot, mistake, dumb blond, ignoramus, clodpoll, shirk, dummkopf, mutt, blurt out, lump, blunder, golem, thickhead, dimwit, dim bulb, stupid, gaff, loon, boo-boo, dunderhead, loon, noodle, jackass, clunk, clanger, schlub, miscue, dunce, saphead, pussy, jerk, schnook, softhead, dork, gaff, brick, dum-dum, lump, noddy, half-wit, ratbag, clanger, dip, slip up, diddle, ratbag, slipup, mutt, misstep, fault, goofball, dummy, airhead, stock, lapse, nit, clodpoll, merry andrew, mooncalf, know-nothing, saphead, blurt, natural, boo-boo, schnook, dum-dum, lapse, schnook, bozo, half-wit, clot, chucklehead, mug, airhead, oversight, ding-dong, dork, loggerhead, doofus, nerd, yo-yo, brick, blooper, ratbag, screwup, trespass, cuckoo, lamebrain, gaffe, numskull, hammerhead, cluck, let down, dumbbell, ignoramus, dunce, fool, yahoo, saphead, birdbrain, slipup, oversight, dullard, dum-dum, loggerhead, know-nothing, dummkopf, stock, chucklehead, dummy, boner, mutt, pinhead, donkey, pinhead, lamebrain, stock, dummkopf, stupe, lunkhead, loiter, noodle, fault, gaff, schmuck, cluck, moron, doofus, prat, slipup, bubblehead, pinhead, clunk, numpty, goldbrick, foozle, mome, lunkhead, inaccuracy, dodo, thickhead, dumbhead, schnook, gaffe, miscue, oversight, yahoo, lapse, mug, dunderhead, lamebrain, yo-yo, chucklehead, numskull, deadhead, fall short, prat, mome, hammerhead, dum-dum, doofus, cuddy, idle, deadhead, dodo, lunkhead, schlub, inaccuracy, dumbhead, numskull, dim bulb, stupe, lump, noodle, joker, flaw, natural, airhead, dork, twat, oversight, dullard, ass, cretin, miss, ratbag, misstep, stupid, cuddy, mistake, stupe, industrious, meathead, woodenhead, blunder out, cluck, hammerhead, birdbrain, guy, lamebrain, gaffe, dunce, mess up, simpleton, numskull, birdbrain, bull, nimrod, stock, goose, brick, imbecile, birdbrain, ninny, ability, golem, chowderhead, noddy, snatch, yahoo, bobble, doofus, dumbbell, stupid, muff, mix-up, noddy, nimrod, dumbbell, clinker, gaff, dimwit, saphead, deadhead, dumbhead, noodle, zany, simple, stupid, goon, schlub, bobble, fumble, dunce, clot, meathead, hardhead.

Examples of usage:

Know what that goof ball Mex was doing, before? - "The Planet Strappers", Raymond Zinke Gallun.

When the Martian Mangler gallops over to his corner, my bum has went through the ropes and quick runs around on the apron to the other side and comes at the Martian from behind before the goof knows what's happening. - "Hoiman and the Solar Circuit", Gordon Dewey.

Or Gertie the goof? - "Gigolo", Edna Ferber.

Similar words:

no-good, do good, common good, for good, good shepherd, in good time, in good order, in good spirits, in good taste, the good old days.

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