Synonyms for Jolt:


arc, brownout, bounce, ac, arc light, alternating current, lurch, charge, active. start, a blinding revelation/realization/vision, zinger, affront, wonder, scandal, a rude awakening, a first, revelation. electrify, flash mob, amaze, excite, spring a surprise, stagger. outburst, spurt, spasm, fit, repetition, flush, twinge, surge, flash. flicker, spring, dance, jump, come at, lunge. dive, dart, rush, flick. amazement (noun)
blow (noun)
event (noun)
shock, jar, jounce.
impulse (noun)
jog, bump, pitch, knock, motivation, momentum, poke, sling, impulse, shot, strike, shove, prod, jerk, thrust, nudge, punch, push.
jolt (noun)
jerk, jar, jounce, jerking.
leap (noun)
surprise; sudden push (noun)
bounce, surprise, quiver, punch, lurch, jerk, shot, shake, jar, jump, shock, start, jog, bump, jounce.


agitate (verb)
stir, agitate, fluster, shiver, perturb, quake, churn, trouble, quiver, shudder, shake, upset, twitch, jar, palpitate, disquiet, quaver.
motion (verb)
motivate (verb)
fling, lob, encourage, motivate, hasten, prompt, instigate, ferment, goad, shoot, launch, hurtle, trigger, move, magnetize, inspire, throw, induce, heave, hurl, foment, urge, impel, jostle, catapult, entice, propel, provoke, force, drive, fire, energize, ram, stimulate.
surprise (verb)
startle, astound, surprise, shock, catch unawares, stun, astonish, take aback.
surprise; push suddenly (verb)
upset, churn, stun, perturb, stagger, startle, shove, astonish, knock, jostle.

Other synonyms:

excite. electrify, lurch. jump. flicker. dance, spring. excite
take aback.
Other relevant words:
jounce, lurch, stagger, amaze, bump, brownout, scandal, spasm, spring, electrify, ac, fit, flick, spurt, bounce, dance, rush, outburst, affront, excite, arc, twinge, repetition, active, dive, zinger, dart, charge, lunge, surge, flicker, jump, wonder, start, flush, revelation, flash, jerking.

Usage examples for jolt

  1. She is blame selfish, that's what she is, so she won't like the jolt she's going to get; but it will benefit her soul, her soul that her pretty face keeps her from developing, so I shall give her a little valuable assistance. – A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter
  2. He makes it eight- sided, and builds his vehicles without springs, and the wounded went along the vile road with a compound jolt for every foot of ground they traversed. – VC -- A Chronicle of Castle Barfield and of the Crimea by David Christie Murray