Synonyms for Minor:


few (adjective)
piddling, trifling, meager.
insignificant, small (adjective)
trivial, negligible, petty, subordinate, junior, lesser, secondary, slight, inferior, unimportant, piddling, paltry, trifling.
light (adjective)
wee, tiny.
lower (adjective)
pardonable (adjective)
small (adjective)
modest, teeny, smallish, miniature, paltry, negligible, spare, deficient, wee, stingy, puny, slim, minute, little, itty-bitty, picayune, petite, ungenerous, piddling, sparing, tiny, microscopic, delicate, slight, scrawny, teeny-weeny, baby, small, mere, compact, dwarfish, toy, niggardly, short, meager, teensy, diminutive, scanty, minimal, beggarly, trifling, weeny, miserly, scant, bantam, nugatory, pocket.
unimportant (adjective)
superficial, of no consequence/of little consequence, irrelevant, meaningless, unconsidered, minute, mere, small.


boomerang kid, child prodigy, imp, cherub, bairn, issue. smalltime, clear, subaltern, bloodless, lower, inferior, lesser, subordinate, antimalarial, petty, broad-spectrum, over, bionic, antibacterial, minor league, antenatal, combination, under, aseptic, clinical. correspondence course, law, ed, articles, class, apprenticeship, doctoral, concentration, crash course, day school, course. adolescent (noun)
junior, youth, teen, adolescent, juvenile, young man, teenager, young woman.
inferior (noun)
minor (noun)
kid, tike, nipper, pocket-sized, venial, child, nonaged, nestling, secondary, tyke, youngster, fry, pardonable, pocket-size, small fry, junior, tiddler, underage, shaver, modest, limited, small, small-scale, insignificant, peanut.
person under legal age of maturity (noun)
youngster, girl, baby, lad, adolescent, underage, infant, juvenile, teenager, boy, youth, child.
secondary (noun)
trivial, unimportant, lesser.
young person (noun)
youngster (noun)
waif, newborn, girl, sprig, stripling, youngster, toddler, boy, fledgling, lass, lad, urchin, kid, sapling, sprout, slip, innocent, infant, child.

Other synonyms:

diatonic, chromatic, smalltime, inferior. subordinate, subaltern. course. under. petty. tonic. sharp. flat. petty
minor league.

Usage examples for minor

  1. The charge is not just in regard to either of the two great faults which are urged against the style, strictly speaking; while it is hardly just in reference to a minor charge which is brought against what is not quite style, namely, the selection and treatment of the thought. – A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature by George Saintsbury
  2. So long as there is an animal fear of existence man cannot think of minor elegances. – The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Henney
  3. He first proposed that Buonarroti should promise not to marry, and should enter into minor orders. – The Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti by John Addington Symonds