Synonyms for Thick:


all (adjective)
concentrated, dense (adjective)
impenetrable, clotted, viscid, curdled, crowded, thickened, gummy, condensed, gelatinous, impervious, Caked, ropy, syrupy, opaque, coagulated, close, deep, viscous, turbid.
crowded, packed (adjective)
multitudinous, heaped, abundant, numerous, dense, tight, populous, rank, concentrated, full, profuse.
deep (adjective)
long, high.
deep, bulky (adjective)
solid, high, squat, thickset, broad, wide, compact, stubby, fat, heavy, stumpy, stocky, chunky.
dense (adjective)
impenetrable, heaped, condensed, congested, full, lush, rank, multitudinous, jammed, dense, scattered, fatheaded, crowded, profuse, compact, sparse, populous, numerous, solid, packed, impervious, cohesive.
dense (referring to weather) (adjective)
muddy, cloudy, obscure, indistinct, soupy.
frequent (adjective)
friendly (adjective)
intimate, Familiar, chummy, cordial.
opaque (adjective)
stupid (adjective)
boneheaded, dopey, thickheaded, doltish, ignorant, blockheaded.
thick (adjective)
expansive, wide, broad, bulky.
unaware (adjective)


all (adverb)


burr, accented, cut glass, broaden, accent, brogue, drawl, bur. cosy, light, clannish, connected, acquainted, arm's length, turbid, broken, opaque, gummy, adhesive, glutinous, porous, viscid, brotherly. attenuated, indistinct, elongated, cloudy, obscure, paper thin, narrow, muddy, across, filmy, fine, hairline. disembodied, devotedly, flat, breathy, adenoidal, in good and bad times, brittle, grating, croaky, dead, loyally, fruity, appealing. airy, blast, airborne, air, atmosphere, Breathable, airflow, airless, current. chunky, arboreal, barren, aromatic, stubby, aquatic, squat, stumpy, stodgy, biennial, androgynous, creeping, algal, bare, blocky, dumpy. gaseous, fluid, gassy, tight, aqueous, tighten, crowded, packed, crystalline, fizzy, powdered, liquid, bubbly. rank, idiotic, silly, lush, big, luxuriant, simple-minded, profuse. busy, cramped, bulging. dopey, body, bushy, bouffant, bedhead, balding, hebetudinous, coiffed, bad hair day, close-cropped, bald, thick-witted, ability, bristly, doltish, dimwitted. love, intimate, thinly, Familiar, beneath, be tipped with something, crusted, underneath, encrusted, friendly, Caked, under, clothed. eye, edge. intimate (noun)
friendly, cordial, intimate, fraternal, Familiar.
presumptuous (noun)
tactless, unbearable, insolent, rude.
stupid (noun)
ignorant, doltish.
thick (noun)
clogged, heavyset, quilted, grumose, close, thickheaded, intense, coagulable, curdled, compact, chummy, soupy, coagulated, deep, deep-chested, thickened, slurred, wooden-headed, grumous, gelatinous, gelatinlike, cream, fat, coagulate, two-ply, impenetrable, blockheaded, thick-skulled, viscous, syrupy, fatheaded, boneheaded, stringy, jellylike, thickset, concentrated, heavy, three-ply, thickly, loggerheaded, dense, stocky, four-ply, midst, abundant, ropy, unintelligible, thready, clotted, ropey.

Other synonyms:

opaque, simple-minded, doltish, blocky, rank, dimwitted, dumpy, idiotic, thick-witted. chunky, lush, intimate, stubby, profuse, luxuriant, dopey, stumpy, filmy, hebetudinous. stodgy, silly. squat, Familiar, packed. eye. foul
viscous, viscid.
Other relevant words:
impenetrable, ropy, coagulated, intense, dopey, thick-skulled, heaped, glutinous, bushy, slurred, quilted, dumpy, intimate, grumous, brotherly, numerous, impervious, unintelligible, grating, populous, crystalline, fat, blockheaded, luxuriant, clogged, two-ply, flat, congested, gelatinous, breathy, full, concentrated, dimwitted, narrow, tight, heavy, squat, simple-minded, lush, three-ply, packed, blocky, stodgy, cloudy, midst, soupy, chummy, obscure, muddy, rank, silly, friendly, turbid, thickened, cordial, stumpy, stringy, cream, adhesive, wooden-headed, idiotic, jellylike, profuse, stubby, jammed, liquid, hebetudinous, heavyset, viscous, boneheaded, curdled, fatheaded, croaky, thick-witted, thickset, Caked, doltish, deep-chested, grumose, opaque, filmy, ignorant, deep, acquainted, coagulable, high, chunky, stocky, rude, loggerheaded, clotted, fraternal, thickheaded, close, thready, indistinct, thickly, crowded, viscid, eye, gelatinlike, crusted, condensed, multitudinous, syrupy, ropey, accented, coagulate, Familiar, four-ply, gummy, light, abundant.

Usage examples for thick

  1. When done, place in a hot dish, pour over them the sauce, which should be rather thick and serve. – New Vegetarian Dishes by Mrs. Bowdich
  2. " Beg pardon, Cap'en Kemp," she said in a low, but a very thick voice, " but might I speak to you a moment, sir?" – The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison
  3. But this time the house will be in the thick of the fighting. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer