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thick (adjective)

bulky, broad, wide, expansive.

deep (adjective)

long, high.

Other synonyms:

gummy, adenoidal, fine, current, tactless, rank, friendly, devotedly, hebetudinous, bur, loggerheaded, fatuous, opaque, slow-witted, chunky, stocky, ropy, especial, bulging, cryptical, androgynous, close-cropped, fat, abounding, dopey, unbearable, midst, grumous, witless, atmosphere, thickened, soupy, bare, familiar, unsmart, densely, close, curdled, deep-chested, turbid, slow, chummy, broaden, mystifying, fraternal, intense, friendly, love, across, dumb, bonehead, simple-minded, cordial, chuckleheaded, thick-skulled, busy, stupid, coagulate, thready, near, bad hair day, airheaded, oafish, lousy, three-ply, paper-thin, balding, tighten, rude, doltish, quilted, eye, two-ply, broken, cosy, abundant, boneheaded, vacuous, awash, airflow, compendious, accented, hairline, airborne, unintelligent, brain-dead, inseparable, underneath, creamy, lamebrain, filmy, abstruse, senseless, disembodied, brainless, jellylike, algal, grating, duncical, lunkheaded, birdbrained, weak-minded, bubbleheaded, stumpy, body, compact, wooden-headed, thronging, dense, squat, fluid, half-witted, muddy, duncish, aquatic, creeping, clothed, crusted, arm's-length, light, dunderheaded, adhesive, burr, airless, impenetrable, ability, under, tight, rich, inscrutable, loyally, dead, bubbly, syrupy, intimate, blockheaded, thickheaded, big, cryptic, acquainted, be tipped with something, serried, bristly, blast, fraught, cut-glass, breathy, narrow, thick-witted, replete, connected, mysterious, familiar, appealing, flush, fatheaded, encrusted, concentrated, stringy, intimate, heavyset, cloudy, bouffant, unintelligible, porous, mindless, idiotic, dim, liquid, blocky, packed, glutinous, crowded, aqueous, gaseous, softheaded, buddy-buddy, recondite, deep, luxuriant, insolent, thickly, stodgy, brittle, thinly, air, flat, swarming, inward, drawl, aromatic, beneath, empty-headed, dumpy, arboreal, brotherly, croaky, elongated, cream, breathable, dull, clogged, clannish, ignorant, succinct, heavy, dim-witted, soft, simple, four-ply, pinheaded, bald, viscid, attenuated, gormless, thickset, bosom, slurred, edge, stubby, jam-packed, grumose, caked, airy, fizzy, lush, bushy, silly, accent, biennial, obscure, summary, coagulable, viscous, cramped, bass, dorky, in good and bad times, obtuse, barren, powdered, gassy, coiffed, indistinct, coagulated, knuckleheaded, dimwitted, teeming, doltish, gelatinous, bedhead, ropey, brogue, fruity, clotted, profuse, crystalline, gelatinlike.

Examples of usage:

When done, place in a hot dish, pour over them the sauce, which should be rather thick, and serve. - "New Vegetarian Dishes", Mrs. Bowdich.

" Beg pardon, Cap'en Kemp," she said in a low, but a very thick voice, " but might I speak to you a moment, sir?" - "The Hole in the Wall", Arthur Morrison.

But this time the house will be in the thick of the fighting. - "The Last Shot", Frederick Palmer.

Similar words:

think about, think back, sneak thief, third, third base, third baseman, third class, Third Baron Rayleigh, third cranial nerve, Third Battle Of ypres.

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