Synonyms for Bum:


all (adjective)
cheesy, chintzy, punk, sleazy, tinny, cheap, crummy.


defective, futile, faulty, purposeless, pointless, pathetic, ineffective, worthless, inefficient, useless. beg, order, invite, request, appeal, claim, plead, insist on something, ask for, panhandle, demand. diddle, goof, cheek, idle, industrious, shirk, laze, buttock. down-and-out, gypsy, stateless, sluggard, slugabed, no-good, Street People, flotsam, slug, bag lady, homeless, Do-little. connoisseur, sybarite, hedonist, gourmand, bon vivant, gadabout, voluptuary, gourmet, epicure. lump, deadbeat, parasite, passenger. beggar (noun)
vagrant, derelict.
bottom (noun)
bum (noun)
crummy, cadge, grub, fanny, bottom, idler, tinny, keister, layabout, rump, inferior, stern, so-and-so, stinker, posterior, sponge, crumb, tooshie, hind end, mooch, rat, loafer, punk, chintzy, backside, cheap, stinkpot, seat, butt, scum bag, fundament, do-nothing, cheesy, derriere, hindquarters, rear end, tail end, rear, behind, can, sleazy, skunk, tail, rotter, buttocks, tush, nates, prat, puke, buns.
buttocks (noun)
idler (noun)
goldbrick, mope, idler, lazybones, beggar, loafer, drone, loiterer, freeloader, vagrant, sponger, slowpoke, scrounger, lingerer, dilly-dallyer, mooch, goof-off, clock watcher, good-for-nothing, layabout, slouch, sloucher, mendicant, wastrel, lounge lizard, panhandler, moocher, couch potato, dawdler, ne'er-do-well, slacker.
person (noun)
puke, stinker, so-and-so, scum bag, crumb, rotter, stinkpot, skunk, rat.
rear (noun)
shirker (noun)
slob (noun)
mess, boor, slob, pig, pigpen.
tramp (noun)
study at tramp, derelict.
unfair (noun)
arbitrary, one-sided, biased, unjustified, unjust, unfair, partial, wrongful, unequal, unreasonable.
wanderer (noun)


possession (verb)
grub, cadge, mooch, sponge.

Other synonyms:

flotsam, gourmand, slugabed, bon vivant, bag lady, connoisseur, gypsy, buttock, sluggard, Street People, down-and-out, voluptuary, epicure, homeless, gadabout, Do-little, hedonist, stateless, deadbeat. derelict, beg, parasite, passenger. shirk, gourmet. cadge
rear end.
Other relevant words:
do-nothing, no-good, diddle, defective, pathetic, lump, unjust, partial, so-and-so, crummy, idle, nates, fanny, keister, gourmand, biased, slugabed, industrious, tooshie, faulty, goof, puke, homeless, worthless, voluptuary, backside, bottom, bag lady, cheap, rat, laze, seat, futile, rotter, ineffective, posterior, fundament, arbitrary, cadge, buttock, chintzy, deadbeat, invite, beg, order, useless, buttocks, rear, claim, tail end, one-sided, hindquarters, slug, inefficient, plead, inferior, sluggard, gadabout, tail, derelict, unfair, cheesy, unequal, wrongful, cheek, request, prat, sponge, epicure, behind, down-and-out, buns, parasite, appeal, gourmet, shirk, rump, grub, unreasonable, derriere, demand, sleazy, hedonist, butt, passenger, sybarite, Do-little, scum bag, panhandle, stern, stateless, pointless, skunk, can, unjustified, connoisseur, purposeless, stinker, hind end, tinny, stinkpot, punk, flotsam, tush, crumb, gypsy.

Usage examples for bum

  1. No wonder you're always on the bum for one. – The Happy Family by Bertha Muzzy Bower
  2. Supposin', supposin' you come into the room with that hat on- it's a bum hat, by the way- and some one pipes up; 'Get that at the fire sale? – The Varmint by Owen Johnson F. R. Gruger