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cuckoo - 311 results
Other synonyms:

daft, daffy, inept, not in your right mind/not right in the head, slit, weirdie, snatch, puss, over-the-top, bonkers, mad, bedlam, fool, loco, goofball, buffoon, jackass, merry andrew, pussy, weak-minded, daft, fatuous, half-baked, wacky, jerky, kook, hombre, balmy, harebrained, meshuga, senseless, eccentric, brainsick, bluejay, cranky, silly, featherheaded, nuts, nutty, laughable, unhinged, psycho, bats, simpleminded, balmy, nut, fruity, daffy, crackpot, cock-a-doodle-doo, dotty, cockeyed, crank, psychotic, wacko, tomfool, crackers, birdsong, wacky, asinine, half-witted, song, crackbrained, lunkheaded, preposterous, cracked, demented, unbalanced, gaga, kooky, mad, ding-a-ling, stupid, weirdo, bubbleheaded, insane, screwy, nonsensical, screwball, sappy, bantam, wise, clown, witless, crazed, cunt, guy, bozo, ridiculous, maniacal, twat, goof, crazy, bobwhite, goose, budgie, dingbat, unwise, shriek, brainless, childish, haywire, wud, loony, mental, jack, deranged, dippy, unsound, kooky, budgerigar, barmy, nutty, absurd, bughouse, loony tunes, batty, moonstruck, cat, lunatic, certifiable, ludicrous, fathead, scatty, bird of paradise, non compos mentis, zany.

Examples of usage:

Who ever saw a cuckoo when it's talking? - "A Prisoner in Fairyland", Algernon Blackwood.

" No one can keep me if I want to go," and the old cuckoo- clock outside seemed to tick in reply: " Can no one keep her if she wants to go?" - "The Captives", Hugh Walpole.

Oh, the cuckoo, Christina, isn't it a sound that makes one think of tears and happiness!" - "The Nest, The White Pagoda, The Suicide, A Forsaken Temple, Miss Jones and The Masterpiece", Anne Douglas Sedgwick.

Similar words:

pheasant cuckoo, cuckoo bread, cuckoo clock, cuckoo flower, European Cuckoo, cuckoo's nest, black-billed cuckoo, cuckoos, cuckold.

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