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nincompoop - 133 results
Other synonyms:

cuckoo, dingbat, turkey, nerd, schmuck, ninnyhammer, nimrod, yahoo, doofus, dodo, chowderhead, quarter, ninny, stern, dim bulb, stupid, cluck, nut, clunk, lamebrain, ninnyhammer, tomfool, lump, ratbag, mooncalf, noodle, nit, doofus, numskull, git, ding-dong, noddy, oaf, mutt, dork, ding-a-ling, birdbrain, fathead, dumbhead, poop, shite, chucklehead, dumb blond, loggerhead, booby, goose, saphead, softhead, pinhead, know-nothing, dum-dum, hammerhead, natural, ability, yo-yo, hardhead, woodenhead, shit, turd, thickhead, dummkopf, deadhead, clown, dip, stupe, prat, donkey, clot, knucklehead, tail, golem, cuddy, lunatic, yo-yo, dunderhead, jerk, dirt, nit, gander, berk, mome, nutcase, after part, schmo, charlie, featherhead, stock, dipstick, lunkhead, joker, maniac, schlub, low-down, crap, simple, the skinny, bubblehead, clodpoll, schnook, numpty, goon, goof, simp, mug, airhead.

Examples of usage:

" Oh, I'm not such a nincompoop as you might suspect, madam," said I, testily, far from complimented. - "A Fool and His Money", George Barr McCutcheon.

If he hinted that a certain new comer impressed him unfavorably, the nincompoop was summarily kicked out of society. - "Hoosier Mosaics", Maurice Thompson.

But Rachel, though she is inclined to be tyrannical, is not such a downright positive old blue- bottle nincompoop as that white- wigged king of kings. - "The Landleaguers", Anthony Trollope.

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