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psychotic - 95 results
lunatic (adjective)

crazy, mad, crackpot, kooky, neurotic, nutty, fiendish, lunatic.

Other synonyms:

gaga, anorexic, insane, crackbrained, balmy, agoraphobe, nuts, psycho, consumptive, psychotic person, loco, the critical list, mental, unsound, bed-blocker, bedlam, amnesiac, confused, diabetic, meshuga, loony, diminished responsibility, cuckoo, daffy, loony tunes, cranky, certifiable, wud, unhinged, daft, asthmatic, bonkers, crackers, cracked, bipolar, screwy, scatty, haywire, brainsick, wacko, bats, wacky, bughouse, crazed, case, barmy, depressed, depressive, moonstruck, fruity, non compos mentis.

Examples of usage:

By this time I'd also had enough of psychotic people anyway, and longed for sane, responsible company. - "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor", Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon.

Can't money be more important to a psychotic than eating? - "The Old Die Rich", Horace Leonard Gold.

But in that case, a psychotic with his id out in the driver's seat should become normal when they lock him up. - "Pursuit", Lester del Rey.

Similar words:

senile psychosis, schizophrenic psychosis, Polyneuritic Psychosis, psychic energy, psychic phenomena, psychic phenomenon, psychical, psychoactive, psychical communication, psychoactive drug.

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