Synonyms for Nonsense:


equivocal, bull, garbage, poppycock, Two-edged, pretense, prattle, double-edged, ill-defined, mumbo jumbo, palaver, rant, claptrap, cryptic, scribble, ambiguous, bombast, hooey, gas, scrawl, ambiguity, hollow, soft soap, twaddle, gab. extravagance, iniquity, unsteadiness, evil, steadiness, thoughtlessness, depravity, sin, imprudence, flightiness, villainy, enormity, infatuation, wrong, madness, excess, decadence, consideration, rashness, immorality, giddiness. joke, spiel, gobbledegook, ravings, fun, stuff, antics, jest. words, jargon, gabble, blatherskite, prate, jabberwocky, gibberish. malarkey, tomfoolery, knowledge, bilge, tommyrot, rigmarole, piffle. zaniness, imbecility, ability, insanity, lunacy, foolery. froth, fiddle-faddle, surface, frippery, small change, important, frivolity, minutia, trifle, triviality, small potatoes, trivia. absurdity (noun)
eccentricity, baloney, inconsistency, idiocy, balderdash, craziness, folly, bizarreness, farce, preposterousness, implausibility, inanity, ludicrousness, contradiction, absurdity, paradox, meaninglessness, Self-contradiction, impossibility, incongruity, irrationality, invalidity, anachronism, foolishness, outlandishness, silliness.
drivel (noun)
gobbledygook, twaddle, jabber, blather.
empty talk (noun)
falderal (noun)
lunacy, craziness, garbage.
fooling (noun)
buffoonery, farce.
foolishness (noun)
goofiness, brainlessness, foolery, buffoonery, dottiness, Asininity, stupidity.
frivolity (noun)
frippery, triviality.
fun (noun)
hocus-pocus (noun)
gobbledegook, jargon, rigmarole.
monkey business (noun)
antics, insanity, tommyrot.
nonsense (noun)
gibberish, drivel, baloney, bombast, hogwash, fun, imprudence, silliness, irrationality, jest, poppycock, prattle, claptrap, folly, madness, hooey, joke, ludicrousness, pretense, stupidity, balderdash, babble, scribble, senselessness, rashness, inanity, flightiness, giddiness, mumbo jumbo, scrawl, thoughtlessness, absurdity, soft soap, palaver, foolishness.
paradox (noun)
ambiguity, inconsistency.
speech (noun)
unmeaningness (noun)
double talk, cipher, noise, drivel, gobbledygook, babble, blather, unmeaningness, jabber, senselessness, hogwash.

Other synonyms:

fiddle-faddle, spiel, ravings, double-edged, Two-edged, malarkey, blatherskite, twaddle, mumbo jumbo, hooey, gobbledegook, cryptic, piffle, small potatoes, tommyrot, equivocal, bilge, ambiguous, trivia, minutia, jargon. zaniness, small change, frivolity, ambiguity, tomfoolery, jabberwocky, garbage. froth, hollow, triviality, madness, bull, imbecility, lunacy, frippery. insanity, trifle. stuff. bombast
empty talk
Other relevant words:
fun, ability, wrong, blatherskite, hooey, ambiguous, garbage, gabble, frivolity, mumbo jumbo, piffle, jabberwocky, rigmarole, extravagance, malarkey, pretense, unsteadiness, ambiguity, Two-edged, gas, imbecility, gibberish, decadence, iniquity, antics, thoughtlessness, lunacy, knowledge, palaver, froth, scrawl, bilge, madness, poppycock, infatuation, villainy, depravity, immorality, prate, stuff, tommyrot, scribble, gab, triviality, twaddle, rant, joke, jest, tomfoolery, enormity, evil, claptrap, cryptic, fiddle-faddle, minutia, small change, imprudence, sin, trivia, gobbledegook, excess, jargon, trifle, bull, equivocal, spiel, prattle, frippery, important, ravings, words, flightiness, steadiness, bombast, consideration, giddiness, insanity, hollow, foolery, ill-defined, zaniness, rashness, surface, small potatoes, double-edged.

Usage examples for nonsense

  1. I told her she was talking nonsense – Girls of the Forest by L. T. Meade
  2. " Oh well; my playing's only nonsense she laughed. – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  3. This sounds like nonsense to us, but it is all right to them. – Mopsa the Fairy by Jean Ingelow