Synonyms for Volatility:


airiness (noun)
levity, buoyancy, lightness.
caprice (noun)
fluctuation, vagary, whim, fancy, fitfulness, sporadicalness, whimsy.
evaporation (noun)
evaporation, dryness, vaporization.
excitability (noun)
passion, irritability, recklessness, short-temperedness, unpredictability, sensitivity, brittleness, storminess, excitableness, edginess, crankiness, touchiness, fragility, quick-temperedness, Ardency, rashness, tempestuousness, hot-temperedness, nervousness, emotionality, Combustibility, explosiveness.
fickleness (noun)
permutability, pliancy, malleability, mutation, Modifiability, inconstancy, plasticity, unreliability.
instability (noun)
transience, impermanence, unpredictability, fitfulness, unreliability, unsureness.
irresolution (noun)
infirmity, inconsistency, shyness, spinelessness, indecisiveness, fickleness, irresolution, weakness, yellowness, capriciousness, vacillation, unsureness, hesitance, unwillingness, impulsiveness, ambivalence, uncertainty, halfheartedness, tentativeness, changeability, insipidity, double-mindedness, shiftiness, wateriness.
irresponsibility (noun)
motivelessness (noun)
arbitrariness, whimsicality, carelessness, waywardness, haphazardness, spasticity, fancifulness, caprice, randomness, irregularity, flightiness, fleetingness.
transience (noun)
instantaneousness, temporality, evanescence, impermanence, transition, briefness, moment, transience.
unpredictability (noun)
volatility (noun)
excitableness, excitability, unpredictability.

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Other relevant words:
excitability, lightness, dryness, evaporation, vaporization, buoyancy, levity, unpredictability.

Usage examples for volatility

  1. While sickness kept him a prisoner, he was torn by ideas of her volatility and fickleness. – Life of John Keats by William Michael Rossetti