Synonyms for Bother:


concern, stifle, suffer, ache, pound, hurt. feelings, ruffle, bug, madden, drive someone mad. frighten, scare, panic, startle, chill, terrify, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, intimidate, alarm. calamity, joke, menace, drag. hiccup, wrinkle, triviality, teething problems, glitch, (just) the tip of the iceberg, the thin end of the wedge, hitch, blip. aggravation (noun)
disturbance, ire, inflammation, provocation, aggravation, exacerbation, exasperation, virulence, scorn, indignation, bedevilment, discomposure, irritation, harassment, annoyance, arousal, perturbation, enragement, resentment, petulance, vexation.
bother (noun)
infliction, fuss, inconvenience, annoy, rile, pain in the ass, nark, trouble, vex, irritate, get at, rag, annoyance, incommode, hassle, pain, disoblige, botheration, get to, gravel, trouble oneself, inconvenience oneself, pain in the neck, chafe, put out, nettle, discommode.
event (noun)
trouble, fuss, hassle.
trouble, inconvenience (noun)
care, pain in the neck, anxiety, aggravation, exasperation, distress, concern, annoyance, pain, irritation, vexation, drag, botheration, trouble, fuss.


aggravate (verb)
harass, chafe, exasperate, aggravate, rankle, needle, inflame, torment, upset, harry, discompose, pester, antagonize, exacerbate, envenom, nag, bedevil, arouse, disturb, enrage, trouble, grate, peeve, badger, perturb, infuriate, bait.
displease (verb)
disgust, repel, jar, provoke, scandalize, offend, aggrieve, shock, anger, rile, displease, disappoint.
harass, annoy; give trouble (verb)
irk, dismay, hurt, aggravate, tease, pester, nag, torment, vex, irritate, displease, scare, alarm, harry, exasperate, perturb, disgust, badger, disturb, exacerbate, upset, inconvenience, provoke, bedevil, put out, needle, discommode.
irritate (verb)
fret, irritate, irk, pique, annoy, tease, vex, hassle, acerbate.
social (verb)
trouble oneself, inconvenience oneself, trouble.

Other synonyms:

pound, suffer, sit by, triviality, madden, stand by, teething problems, refrain, glitch. blip, ruffle, stifle, abstain, fluster, care. frighten, wound, wrinkle, drag, hitch, hiccup. ache, hurt, rattle, bug. toss. rock. concern, shake. aggravate
nag, get to, grate.
Other relevant words:
frighten, depress, wound, toss, ache, scare, alarm, put out, inconvenience, rock, inconvenience oneself, suffer, triviality, unsettle, distress, intimidate, incommode, drag, hitch, bug, botheration, ruffle, rag, nark, fluster, pain in the neck, disoblige, rattle, care, stifle, anxiety, nettle, trouble oneself, infliction, discommode, concern, hurt, fuss, madden, dismay, shake, get to, pain, get at, gravel.

Usage examples for bother

  1. No, she did not want to know what he thought or felt; bother all that part of him! – The Story of Louie by Oliver Onions
  2. Please don't bother about me! – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  3. Dick had nothing to eat, but did not let that bother him. – The Dare Boys of 1776 by Stephen Angus Cox