Synonyms for Usage:


amount, backlog, block, arithmetic, allocation, accumulation, batch, capacity, allowance, balance. used, wear, implementation, play, exploitation, adoption. substance, subtext, meaning, sense, connotation, denotation, thrust, give, significance. praxis, vocabulary, vocab, usual, lexis, consuetude, word, the lexicon, manner, way. act (noun)
utilisation, exercise, use, utilization, employment.
application (noun)
use, utilization, function, employment, utility, exercise, application, conduct, practice, service, operation, exertion.
custom (noun)
regulation, convention, rote, method, way, formula, acceptance, mode.
fashion (noun)
grammar (noun)
grammar, syntax, structure, conjugation, predicate, form, formulation, wording, phrase, qualifier, phraseology, subject, language, object.
habit, custom (noun)
acceptance, formula, form, operation, praxis, method, way, mode, use, regulation, rote, practice, convention.
usage (noun)
utilisation, utilization, exercise, usance, employment, custom.
word (noun)

Other synonyms:

praxis, consuetude, significance, implementation, vocab, denotation, connotation, lexis. meaning, subtext, exploitation. adoption. vocabulary. wear, manner. word. sense. manner
Other relevant words:
usance, implementation, way, consuetude, subtext, mode, sense, give, vocab, manner, vocabulary, adoption, regulation, rote, meaning, usual, lexis, praxis, word, utilisation, play, formula, convention, method, significance, custom, acceptance.

Usage examples for usage

  1. She has by rigid usage a right to complain if she does not know of every great act of her Ministry, not only before it is done, but while there is yet time to consider it- while it is still possible that it may not be done. – The English Constitution by Walter Bagehot
  2. The matter is not of greatest consequence, but teachers will probably prefer to join in the modern American usage of the term. – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith