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ship (verb)

ship, carry, haul, transport, convey, transfer, forward.

vehicle (noun)

barge, gondola, armored car, motorcycle, car, sled, bus, cart, limousine, jeep, convertible, coupe, conveyance, buggy, boxcar, tractor, cab, van, brougham, jalopy, wagon, hearse, taxicab, bicycle, motorcar, sledge, ship, station wagon, stagecoach, landau, fire engine, ferry, coach, ambulance, taxi, boat, train, auto, automobile, sedan, vehicle, roadster.

vegetables (noun)

crop, vegetable, produce.

truck (noun)

four-by-four, cart, moving van, tractor, garbage truck, dolly, van, pickup, semi, wagon, dray, tow truck, delivery truck.

Other synonyms:

raffle, back-and-forth, motortruck, go, carriage, wheelbarrow, cover, 18-wheeler, camper, quid pro quo, debris, chaff, effluvium, offal, go down, cruise, deadwood, spilth, dross, rubbish, tea trolley, 4WD, scrap, dicker, barter, waste, trivia, dock, dust, shuttle, breakdown truck, barrow, riffraff, hitch, consignment, baggage car, junk, offscouring, bill of lading, trade-off, trade, come up, commutation, hand truck, handcart, bill of entry, trash, camper van, pushcart, carrier, delivery, commute, dreck, cable car, swap, freight, caboose, rig, hitchhike, crate, berth, ATV, ride, bogie, cargo, buffet, litter, refuse, all-terrain vehicle.

Examples of usage:

She came up at a " hand gallop," and finally showed herself from water- line to main- truck in full view of the privateer's crew. - "Marcy The Blockade Runner", Harry Castlemon.

He thought he had been moved on this truck many miles, but in truth the stove had been only taken from the railway- station to a shop in the Marienplatz. - "The Nürnberg Stove", Louisa de la Ramé (AKA Ouida).

It was like a safeblower asking a night watchman to move a safe out on a truck. - "Whispering Wires", Henry Leverage.

Similar words:

tipper truck, tip truck, truck driver, truce, swimming trunks, self-evident truth, showing trust, savings account trust, savings bank trust.

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