Synonyms for Denounce:


slate, cry foul, jab, bring/call/hold someone to account, bash, lambast. law, indict, tax, attack. denounce (noun)
brand, grass, mark, stigmatize, shop, stigmatise, tell on, rat, stag, give away, betray, snitch, peach.


condemn (verb)
take to task, derogate, ostracize, rebuke, knock, inveigh against, indict, prosecute, inform against, blackball, hang something on, reprimand, pitch into, dress down, publicly accuse, rail at, impugn, charge with, call to account, reprehend, decry, revile, boycott, condemn openly, vituperate, blacklist, show up, rip into.
condemn, attack (verb)
decry, knock, rebuke, scold, incriminate, reproach, impeach, vituperate, finger, accuse, show up, implicate, brand, take to task, indict, reprehend, charge, boycott, ostracize, dress down, censure, stigmatize, arraign, impugn, revile, blame, blacklist, castigate, hang something on, smear, prosecute, derogate, rat, criticize, vilify, reprimand, charge with, upbraid, inveigh against.
criticize (verb)
deny (verb)
deny, contradict, refute, disavow, repudiate.
disapprove (verb)
deride, chasten, deprecate, discredit, chide, defile, denigrate, scorn, disapprove, defame, admonish, upbraid, chastise, disparage, renounce, censure, vilify, castigate.
slander (verb)
scandalize, blacken, pillory, slander, detract, libel, malign, sully, shame, dishonor, badmouth, tarnish, calumniate, smear, stigmatize, besmirch, traduce, besmear.

Other synonyms:

rail at, frame up, lambast. denunciation, bash, indict, deplore, reprehend. jab, confession. slate, finger. exposure. frame. abuse
libel, indict, hang something on, incriminate.
upbraid, reproach.
Other relevant words:
peach, derogate, jab, confession, decry, finger, knock, shop, bash, prosecute, stag, exposure, attack, denunciation, vituperate, hang something on, mark, rat, tax, blacklist, law, rebuke, dog, take to task, lambast, revile, boycott, inform against, brand, dress down, ostracize, stigmatise, tell on, charge with, give away, show up, betray, grass, reprimand, blackball, call to account, impugn, snitch, inveigh against, slate, reprehend, deplore, rail at, indict, frame.

Usage examples for denounce

  1. These thoughts swept West's brain in a sudden flash of revelation, but he had no chance to act; to denounce her, to make a single movement, before the door opened swiftly, and Hobart slipped eagerly into the room. – The Case and The Girl by Randall Parrish
  2. Silver threatened to denounce her, and knowing this Chaldea went to London to warn her. – Red Money by Fergus Hume
  3. And he did not denounce them? – The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar by Maurice Leblanc