Synonyms for Zero:


nonexistent (adjective)
zero (adjective)
blank, none, void, nil.


absolute zero, degree, centigrade, boiling point, C, nadir, fahrenheit, F, love, bimetallic strip, celsius, eighties. shrimp, solitary, not a living soul, nebbish, pip-squeak, not a single, important, no one. calibration, diagnose, tune, preset, calibrate, tune up, absence, regulate. nothing (noun)
blank, love, nadir, aught, naught, cipher, void, nobody, oblivion, zilch, nought, nullity, nil.
unsubstantiality (noun)
unreality, apparition, vacancy, insignificance, mirage, spectre, immateriality, cipher, emptiness, vacuity, intangibility, Nihility, phantom, impalpability, tenuousness, Ethereality, nullity, nonexistence, nothingness.
zero (noun)
dummy, void, nobody, naught, blank, zilch, nought, nil, aught, nothing.


zero (verb)
clear, reset.

Other synonyms:

pip-squeak, preset, regulate, calibrate, lackey, yes-man, nebbish, softie, paper tiger. chameleon, diagnose, shrimp, calibration, doormat. tune up. tune, worm. weed.

Usage examples for zero

  1. If any of these people see more than your eyes, your standing has dropped to a contemptible zero – Border, Breed Nor Birth by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  2. Flashing a 40 below zero look she lisped, " I'm very sorry sir, but she's just gone out to lunch." – Love Letters of a Rookie to Julie by Barney Stone
  3. Jock could not stand, before the zero hour came in the trenches, and talk' wi' his mate. – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder