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cockeyed - 211 results
foolish (adjective)

stupid, crazy.

Other synonyms:

miserly, unearthly, steamed, comic, screwball, fried, blitzed, oblique, preposterous, wicked, imbecilic, tilted, crooked, flush, skew-whiff, blind drunk, soused, atilt, tight, kooky, plastered, off-kilter, ability, witless, mingy, funny, softheaded, riled, cock-a-hoop, impish, foolish, insane, sozzled, zonked, cuckoo, brainless, pie-eyed, nonsense, annoyed, wealthy, loopy, crazy, laden, strong, lunkheaded, roiled, pixilated, lunatic, boozy, slopped, silly, bombed, sealed, balmy, rigid, fool, squiffy, miffed, affluent, crackpot, stoned, twisted, loony, starchy, steadfast, stringent, loaded, stiff, ripped, half-baked, nonsensical, pissed, mischievous, ludicrous, tipping, sodden, oiled, stung, askew, half-witted, wasted, tipsy, pickled, imbecile, awry, unbendable, sottish, blind, lit, potted, nasty, wiped out, juiced, ridiculous, soaked, farcical, weak-minded, aslant, listing, mean, slanting, slanted, crapulous, bubbleheaded, irritated, senseless, inebriate, knowledge, moronic, comical, moneyed, tomfool, inept, zany, asinine, drunk, dotty, amusing, simpleminded, idiotic, stinko, impaired, compressed, pitched, nettled, fuddled, implike, prankish, skewed, arch, uneven, high, crapulent, crackbrained, harebrained, firm, inebriated, derisory, mirthful, tiddly, unwavering, ladened, pissed off, gassed, daft, daffy, fatuous, dippy, lactating, puckish, slicked, drunken, steady, unwise, tanked, sloshed, slantwise, crocked, buckram, lit up, close, rigorous, Drugs, intoxicated, unfaltering, lopsided, squiffed, stewed, blasted, taut, stinking, mad, wacky, dopey, boozed, jerky, smashed, blotto, hammered, featherheaded, canned, peeved, laughable, looped, nutty, absurd, potent, wonky, pathetic, unshakable, risible, besotted, wet, sappy.

Examples of usage:

Is all the Xenology as cockeyed as I'm afraid it must be? - "The Galaxy Primes", Edward Elmer Smith.

You say my logic is cockeyed. - "The Galaxy Primes", Edward Elmer Smith.

His navigation was all cockeyed. - "Dave Dawson at Casablanca", Robert Sydney Bowen.

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